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[windows] [improve hard disk performance beyond SSD] primocache 2.2.0 perfect unlimited trial days

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Primocache (formerly known as fancy cache) is a hard disk optimization that can virtualize physical memory into hard disk cache Software After installing primocache software, it can automatically cache the data read from the hard disk into physical memory system When the data is needed again, it can be quickly read from the cache device. After using primocache software, the whole system can be speeded up, and the speed of opening web pages is significantly improved. The mechanical disk reading and writing are less frequent, especially downloading large files, running large software, and so on game The hard disk is no longer roaring.


This is a perfect unlimited trial version of primocache 2.2.0 (which can keep primocache software in a 60 day trial period). The latest version seems to be primocache 3.0.2, but there has been no perfect patch (the so-called harmony version of the new version on the Internet is pseudo activated), so it is more reliable to reset the trial version of primocache 2.2.0.


Introduction of primocache software


Primocache is a software (virtual memory disk software) that can virtualize physical memory, SSD hard disk or flash disk into hard disk cache. It can automatically store the data read from the hard disk into faster devices such as physical memory. When the system needs the data again, it can quickly read from the cache device without accessing the slower hard disk again, So as to effectively improve the access performance of physical hard disk.


Primocache supports SSD hard disk as the cache of traditional mechanical hard disk, and supports keeping cache content permanently, that is, cache content will not be lost after computer shutdown. This feature can significantly improve the startup time of the computer and speed up the application running. Primocache also supports the slow write function, that is, the data requested by the system can be stored in the cache device first, and then the data can be written from the cache device to the physical hard disk after a certain period of time. The slow write function enables the system to write requests quickly, which greatly improves the write performance of the hard disk.


In addition, primocache supports the use of unrecognized memory as a cache device, which overcomes the limitation of some windows operating systems on the total amount of memory (for example, 32-bit desktop Windows systems only support 4GB of memory at most) and make full use of all physical memory. Primocache implements a variety of cache policies and flexible cache settings, so you can easily create a cache for your physical hard disk and improve the read-write performance of your hard disk.


  Installation and setup of primocache 2.2.0


1. First of all, because primocache virtualizes the memory into a hard disk, you must have enough memory in your computer. It is recommended that users with at least 8g of memory use it. For users with small memory, you can also set less memory as cache, but the performance improvement is not obvious.


2. Install the original version of primocache2.2.0


3. Run "primocache 2.2.0 unlimited trial patch" with administrator privileges


  ·   Continue trial - click (continue trial) after expiration to continue to try for 60 days!


  ·   Permanent Harmony: a startup item will be loaded to achieve permanent harmony (or manually add "primocachesoft. Exe" to self start to achieve permanent harmony)


If you don't want to load the auto boot item, you can directly click "continue trial" after the expiration.


   Primocache setup tutorial:


Wizard mode: select the disk you want to cache (it is recommended to set common software disk and system disk, not all disks are set, memory will take up a lot)


Set memory (if your memory is more than 8g, it is recommended to set 2G memory as cache)


→ cache granularity (adjusting the granularity can reduce the extra cost. If your CPU is good enough, you can set 4KB. Generally, the smaller the granularity, the better. But the smaller the granularity is, the greater the overhead.)


→ cache policy (only read is recommended. If the data is read and written, the data loss may be caused by a sudden power failure. If the memory is not enough to write data, the screen may be blue. Of course, if at least the unimportant data is cached, then you don't have to worry about this)


If the cache policy is read-write, then delay write for 60 seconds.


After the configuration is completed, run the commonly used software once, and it will be written to the memory cache. When the software is started next time, the speed will be greatly improved. Of course, primocache has a hit rate, and the software read by the cache will speed up. One of the most obvious should be the speed of web page loading and large software (such as PS), game startup speed.


If the memory is tight and you want to improve the hit rate, you can only use the read mode to cache the system disk and the software game disk. What download disk and movie disk do not need to be cached, which wastes the buffer.

   I am a SSD user. Do I need primocache?

The read-write speed of memory is higher than that of solid-state disk. It is also possible that your computer is a combination of solid-state disk and mechanical hard disk. With primocache, the speed of mechanical hard disk can be increased. In addition, reducing the read-write of solid-state disk can also prolong the life of solid-state disk.


Other notes:

There are two versions of primocache: the regular version and the server version. If you are going to install primocache on a Windows desktop operating system, such as Windows XP, vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, you can download the normal version to install it. If it is a Windows server operating system, such as Windows Server 2003 (or R2), 2008 (or R2), or 2012 (or R2), you need to download the server version.

PrimoCache Password: eizx | size:
It's gone security Software testing non-toxic, please feel free to download.

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