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[windows] Heluo heroes Learning version download! (fix bug that can't get out of the cave) 2018-11-18

Dazzle Yi Two years ago (2018-11-15) Record the past four thousand four hundred and fifty-three

The story of the heroes in Heluo is the third single piece work launched by Heluo studio after the series of swordsman's wind and cloud, game Inheriting the high freedom game features of Heluo studio, it is the first time to try the seamless open world, realistic and aesthetic martial arts painting style and rich role cultivation system Let each player be able to create a different Wulin world with the company of all kinds of teammates.

 [windows] Heluo heroes Learning version download! (fix the bug that can't get out of the cave) record the first one in the past on November 18, 2018

At present, steam platform has been sold for 79 yuan.

 [windows] Heluo heroes Learning version download! (fix the bug that can't get out of the cave) record the second in the past on November 18, 2018

From "Jinyong" to "Wulin" and later "Xiake" and "Xiake waizhuan", they all supported the original version. When they came out, they said that they had no money, so the quality was not good enough. I believed it. I bought the genuine support decisively. I thought that although I changed the soup and the medicine, I still supported it. I was very excited when I saw that "Heluo" was coming out. I thought that after the previous two works, I should have done a good job this time. I had been waiting for two years (sorry, two years is an estimate, I forgot the real time). But After watching the video, in addition to disappointment or disappointment, rigid characters, rigid actions, rough modeling I can only say I'm sorry. This time I chose not to pay for my feelings. Xianjian and Xuanyuan sword let me down and even despair. If the game manufacturers only play the emotion card, one day you will lose the core players. It's not that domestic games can't be done well, it's not that players require too much, God dance fantasy is your example!

Legend of heroes in Heluo Password: 47cy | size:

It's gone security Software Test non-toxic, please feel free to download.

It seems that there is a bug in Longkou cave that can't be stuck and escaped. This version has been repaired. After all, the domestic games still support the original version. The rich hold a money market, and the student party without money holds the personal field. Since they are all free to play, we can talk about the good words of the heroes of Heluo group, and do propaganda and promotion to increase the popularity of Xu Da (although there are a lot of bugs).

There is a version of this is not my crack, I just reprint, please do not use in commercial use!

Security software has been tested non-toxic, please feel free to download.



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