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Baidu's "refusal to cooperate" is listed in the bad list of telecom business

Dazzle Yi Two years ago (2018-11-14) Industry news six hundred and thirty-five

Baidu telecom company was fined 37 thousand yuan in Beijing on November 2 to clean up its bad business and deal with it. Baidu responded, recognizing that this is a violation of the rules, sincerely accepted criticism and punishment, and actively cooperated with the rectification.

 Baidu's "refusal to cooperate" has been listed in the bad list of telecom services. JPG Baidu's "refusal to cooperate" has been included in the bad list of telecom services, industry trends

In Beijing, more than one third of the enterprises suspected of violating the regulations were involved in the work of clearing up the Internet market tencent There are more than ten large-scale Internet enterprises, such as Baidu, Dr. Peng, and so on. Thirdly, the illegal clues involve a wide range and the situation is complex, so it is difficult to investigate, collect evidence and deal with it. Based on the principle of "easy first and difficult later", Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications formulated plans in four stages, namely, investigation, interview and supervision, on-the-spot inspection, and administrative punishment, with clear objectives, completion time limit and specific requirements, and steadily promoted the clean-up work.

In the field inspection, relying on the expert technical team and the principle of "check one by one, pass the customs one by one", Beijing Administration Bureau has done a good job in the inspection and acceptance work, ensuring the effect of cleaning up and standardizing, and carried out on-site inspection and acceptance of more than ten enterprises such as Tencent, Baidu and Dr. Peng.

For Baidu company, which refused to cooperate with the inspection, Beijing Administration Bureau, combined with the reporting clues, selected three basic telecom enterprises and experts from China Institute of information and communication to form an inspection team, and finally confirmed the violation of Baidu company. According to the "management measures of telecom business license", Baidu company was given administrative punishment, and was given a warning and fined 20000 yuan. At the same time, Baidu company was listed in the list of bad telecom business operation.

Baidu said that not long ago, baidu computer room to build a network transmission channel, Beijing Communications Administration Bureau examination After realizing that this was a violation, baidu sincerely accepted the criticism and punishment from the Traffic Management Bureau, and was actively cooperating with the rectification as required.

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Two years ago (2018-11-15)

The amount of fine is nothing

Dazzle Yi reply:
It's a drop in the bucket
Two years ago (2018-11-15)



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