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Industrial chain unknown to ordinary people

Dazzle Yi 2018-06-01 Industry trends one thousand and seventy-four

  I'll tell you another industry chain that ordinary people don't know, which is to go to big cities to find objects.


  I know some young girls who mix in the first tier cities, but their jobs are usually part-time. They don't work hard and feel that they don't go to school or even work. But you'll find that they are always well groomed and change boyfriends all the time.

  In fact, most of these girls come from remote counties or families whose parents don't care much about. They have no skills and have no way out at home. Therefore, they have to be carried by the elders who have rooted in the first tier cities first. What are they doing with them? To work hard to create the future?

  That's more regular and normal people. I'm talking about this kind of people who are taken by their predecessors to look for objects.

  They will learn how to pack, how to make up, how to speak, how to talk skillfully when they are not knowledgeable enough, how to wear clothes, how to say nice words, how to hide your education background and family, how to be tall but not revealing, even how to have cosmetic surgery, how to make men want to take off their pants when they see you.

  Generally, these people help each other, borrow money, borrow places, and then introduce resources to meet men in big cities.

  If they can get to the local account, it will be a piece of meat for them. If they are more smart men, they will inform each other, act carefully or stay away from him. If they meet those who are stupid and rich, they will eat them separately.

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