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Apply for SSL certificate for free

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2018-05-16) Industry trends one thousand four hundred and twelve

SSL certificate is a kind of digital certificate, similar to the electronic copy of driver's license, passport and business license. In short, it is to add a small green lock to the website, that is, SSL layer is added under HTTP, and the website can use HTTPS security Channel access.

 Free application for SSL Certificate (website: HTTPS little green lock)

This article introduces the entrance to apply for free SSL certificate, click →

 Free application for SSL Certificate (website: HTTPS little green lock)

With the help of the API provided by TrustAsia and let's encrypt, as well as the web cryptography API, freessl completely uses the browser to generate certificates, and there is no data transmission during this period,

If the browser does not support the web cryptography API, we will generate a certificate from the back-end server, so we strongly recommend that you use a browser that supports the web cryptography API. Finally, please remember to renew the certificate after it has expired.

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Great, thank you for sharing

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Why not mine?



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