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How much have you contributed to this filthy society!? (turn the cat)

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-15) Record the past one thousand and forty-eight

 How much have you contributed to this filthy society. JPG how much have you contributed to this filthy society!? Record the past

The world is getting worse, people are not old - everyone thinks so Sociology But no one has ever seriously thought about how this was formed? In fact, the advantage of following the clouds is due to everyone. Everyone is holding the attitude that it's none of your business. When you have an accident, you can only complain about the indifference of the people around you!

First of all, food, this is the war of China, but have you ever thought about it, the people who make these things are fart people like me. Such as gutter oil, melamine... Don't just say how many dark scenes behind, I only ask you who made all this - workers - there are likely to be your friends.

In terms of travel, cities are now blocked all over the country. When we talk about the reasons, we all attribute to the fact that the roads are not wide enough and people don't obey the traffic rules. I only ask you: do you obey the traffic rules? What is the probability of running a red light?

In terms of public security, everyone will complain about the police's inaction, never thinking about their own inaction. Do you dare to stop someone stealing? No, you're just a spectator!

There are old people falling down on the road, and no one dares to help them. Isn't this also caused by the common people?

The more senior Internet users, the more introspection. How many things have you paid attention to? Brother chun, brother Zeng, sister Zhu, Sister Feng? You have made a lot of contributions to these things. What kind of events are due to everyone's attention, leading to the spread of more powerful, affecting more people, like the butterfly effect, growing!

Whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a student or a policeman, etc., ask your conscience, how many people dare to say that they are worthy of their profession, and have never been involved in the industry scandal! It can be said that there are very few...

"Forbearance" has nothing to do with your own rights and interests, and you should not be too wise to ask your own mature people! It is the "maturity" of each of us to make the society what it is now.

On the Internet to all things are indignant, but in life forever kowtow!

Looking at the click charts of all websites, are you ashamed of your attention? Impetuous, we have never pursued the action of spiritual civilization

Many people will say that the responsibility lies with the officials. When you have evidence, will you report him? Even anonymous! Everyone is scolding corrupt officials, but in their own scope of rights to seek the best interests. If you become an official, you may be more terrible than a corrupt official! I think the country lacks a group of real indignant youths who dare to expose any dark inside information. Unfortunately, there are too few such people, including me, who have no such courage! This is part of our contribution...

Think about when you're in trouble, your first reaction is to hire someone to find relationships, spend money and so on. In fact, these are the source of social filth! If the fart people don't give gifts, ask for help, and unite in everything, will society still be what it is now?

Now the most abnormal is people's concern. People always ask for protection for the perpetrators, which is also reflected in the law. You can't fight back after the criminal has done harm to himself. It's only in the process of causing harm that justifies defense. I want to ask: if a thief steals something from you, if you catch him, will he honestly stand waiting for the police? We have to deal with animals in the same way. I haven't heard the word "criminal" for a long time. Now they are all suspects... We love to work hard on these aspects and always deal with them in practical matters.

In medicine, it is also said that patients violate human rights and can only be called patients... Is there a difference between patients and patients? On this still have to go up teaching material, still can thing take an examination of grind outline change content...

What are you looking at? When can we focus on the right place?

Now, I don't dare to say anything else, but it's OK to feed people. There are a lot of imperfections in the country's system. Corruption is also very serious. This is the consensus of all. But this situation has nothing to do with our people? Half of today's officials used to be one of us. What's more, it is our philosophy and self-protection. It took us more than ten years to come forward and say that there is a conflict with the constitution. What a sad thing.

And you can ask yourself, have you ever used the power around you to find convenience for yourself? Even a security guard who is a temporary worker will eat Hawker's food free of charge in his own jurisdiction. The less powerful the person is, the less restrained he will be. On the contrary, the person with greater power will estimate his reputation. My original intention is to hope that you can start from yourself spontaneously, do not indulge in slogans, and really affect everyone around you, which will make a great contribution to the improvement of our society.

The result of everyone's self-protection is the further deterioration of the social environment!

I think many of our country's policies are very targeted. Unfortunately, the negative treatment of officials at different levels has made them ineffective.

For example, the most hated urban management, I think its establishment has a good intention, for the sake of the beautiful urban environment, its existence has a certain reason. I think if all the peddlers can clean up all the rubbish they make, do not cheat the public and block the traffic, then the urban management will not exist. Let's think of the small alley where the urban management is not responsible, and the garbage is piled up on the road. Even in the places where the urban management is responsible, when the urban management is not in front of them, the peddlers will throw them at will. I have seen the peddlers who buy strings and pour plastic bags and residual soup into the river. Think about how many people are eating snacks and how much garbage they have to make every day...

I suggest that the urban management should discuss with the Planning Bureau to centralize snacks, which is similar to a snack street. We should dispose of the garbage produced by ourselves, just like the vegetable market, and manage them in a unified way, so that everyone is convenient~

At present, we are all impetuous. What we see is criticism and criticism, but we never care whether what we hear is true or not. Of course, this is also related to the fact that our national news reports are often untrue. However, we should calm down to think about anything, search for relevant information, and then make comments after confirmation... Don't let the old man say the same thing. After the attack, you don't know what you said...



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