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Zhai Xinxin explains "the truth" through microblog

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2018-04-25) Industry news one thousand and thirty-nine

During this period, Zhang and his family members filed a lawsuit for the return of their property to the people's Court of Beijing.

Su was killed on September 7, 2017. He left a note saying that he was threatened by his ex-wife Zhai Xinxin and asked for 10 million yuan and property compensation. Su's relatives later announced that Su and Zhai met on March 30 through an online matchmaking platform, and the whole process took less than three months to get married. During the period, Su spent nearly 13 million yuan for his ex-wife Zhai Xinxin.

On April 24, "Banxia xiaolanfeng", a user authenticated as "the party involved Zhai Xinxin", appeared on Weibo, claiming to be Zhai Xinxin and making a voice on the Su Shenmao incident.

Zhai Xinxin said that the abuse he received was that someone splashed dirty water on himself for fame and wealth, and guided public opinion by distorting the facts. All these abuses were based on the so-called "truth.". This "truth" was told by Su's family members and their lawyers.

Zhai Xinxin said that with the encouragement of relatives and friends, he decided not to be silent and say what he had experienced. "In the next few days, I will continue to talk about the process of my association with Su. The truth is left to the reader to judge. "

 Zhai Xinxin explains the "truth" in microblog

The world is really wonderful. Zhai Xinxin refused to explain for half a year. Two days ago, Su's family sued Zhai Xinxin and asked Zhai Xinxin to return the tens of millions of property donated by Su. At this time, Zhai Xinxin immediately came out to explain the "truth" and set a ban on comment. It's very good that the dead can't speak, so they are called "dead without proof" Su Xiangmao can't explain what the process of Xiangmao's communication is. Except for the letter he wrote before his death, I think if Zhai Xinxin can tell the truth for several days in a row, I'm afraid Su's coffin will not hold.

Money is really omnipotent. It can turn a good man into a beast. Zhai Xinxin and Su Xiangmao got 10 million yuan after three months of contact. Su was forced to commit suicide by jumping off a building. His family only asked for the return of property. Zhai Xinxin fought for the money with blood on his back. He put down his face and went to battle in his own interests. For the next big play, we have only one word to say:

 Zhai Xinxin explains the "truth" in microblog

The following is Zhai Xinxin's Micro blog statement and Su's suicide note left before his death last year.

 Zhai Xinxin explains "truth" in microblog

 Zhai Xinxin explains "truth" in microblog

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