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Survival of the Jedi: making black numbers from a 100 year old account

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2018-01-07) Industry news two thousand three hundred and forty

 Jpg Jedi survival using a 100 year old account to make black numbers. Jpg

1. Please install computer manager

2. Prepare an account that has been banned for 870000 hours in advance. This account must not be blocked by VAC, otherwise it will not succeed.

3. Sign up for a steam trumpet and seal the account for 870000 hours game Share it with this trumpet.

4. Trumpet on the game, the use of computer housekeeper or 360 traffic management Software , disable the two processes "steam. Exe" and "steamwebhelper. Exe" from the network. If "steamwebhelper. Exe" is not found, click on the store in steam and the process will appear.

5. Wait for a few minutes, then press ESC, and select restart hall. You will be prompted to register the role description successfully.

6. If the game is dropped, you need to repeat the above 4-5 steps.

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 Mu Ruoxi
Three years ago (2018-01-31)

What is this ghost



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