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Silent fire - luotianyi - will I also fall

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-10-13) Record the past one thousand three hundred and sixty-four

 Silent fire - luotianyi - I will also degenerate. JPG silent fire - luotianyi - I will fall, too. Record the past

I want to see you, but I dare not see you. Every time I meet you, it's a new cycle of joy and decadence. Missing pushes me out, inferiority pulls me back. The secret of love is in my heart day by day, and I am sinking into the deep. Your light is so dazzling that I almost become a dust.


I pretended not to be helpless

The dark crouched on her knees

Flowers and flowers outside the window

There is still residual heat

I pretended never to be aware of loneliness

Time has hobbled by

Envious of the free dove

Lower your head and continue to drift

Never opened the heart lock

Trace the rust and mottle the branches

Falling to the edge of imitation

The dungeon is for me

To the light, jump like free and easy

Fall in mid air

The right to choose has been deprived

Too fragile

Trapped in the middle of the ocean, unable to escape

The whirlpool of silence

You can't fly high

It's better to be silent

I pretended not to panic

Dodge in your sight

I hate myself for being too clumsy

How I want to hide in the corner

I pretend that I have never despised myself

Cover up the original color

A pale gray yellow color

The fire was too dirty

Never opened the heart lock

The key has already been lost

Roll in the dust and be polished

It's me all over the place

Looking back on the way back

How to guess the fate

Walking shell

There is no choice

Cut off all ties and lie in the coffin

Wrap the perception tightly

The right and wrong of good and evil are too complicated

Why bother to think about it

Hanging in the middle of the ocean

The whirlpool of silence

There's no need to talk about causality any more

Not to say miss

Step by step to the end of life

One eye in spite of the fireworks

Even if it falls

Play one

A pathetic, funny little character

The wings are burning

The past is falling

Burn to pieces

It's hard to pass through your eyes


I saw the day of Acacia. The kind of pain or even despair of a person curled up in his own world, closed his heart and looked forward to who would come, but could not see the waiting people's pain or even despair. This kind of feeling displays incisively and vividly. If you don't get out of it, will it develop into autism? I also think of a lyric: "jump to the light / like free and easy, fall in the air."



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