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Domestic rogue software alliance promotes mining tools

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-12-13) Industry trends eight hundred and fifty-six

Recently, according to the security Lab, a cloud computing Software , is vigorously promoted through various rogue channels. The software has no substantive function, but is a pure mining tool (producing "zero currency").

In addition, once this software is implanted into the computer, a large number of system Resources will be encroached on, resulting in abnormal phenomena such as slow speed and fever.

 Domestic rogue software alliance vigorously promotes mining tools. JPG domestic rogue software alliance vigorously promotes mining tools industry trends

It is reported that the "cloud computing" software is promoted by the "2345 ace technician alliance" of 2345 company. Through the "alliance", many rogue software receive promotion tasks, use various means to secretly install the software on the user's computer, and then receive corresponding remuneration according to the amount of installation.

Among them, "cloud love PE toolbox", "Lingge Jedi survival assistant V1.1.0", "Meijie notes", "SWF play Wizard", "Meijie alarm clock" and other software are monitored by tinder to participate in the promotion of "cloud computing" mining tools.

This kind of alliance type promotion channel that any rogue software can participate in, although it is very common, but also makes many people resent it.



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