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The first phase of the rioting was sealed

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-11-12) Life experience one thousand two hundred and two

 The first issue of the violent walk event

Big events are difficult. The latest 36 issues revealed the dark trading of Yuzhang academy, which completely blocked the big events. The Youku event was removed from the shelves from the first quarter to the fifth season, and the major websites on the Internet were also removed. The latest issue was deleted half an hour after it was released. The microblog related hot comments were deleted as soon as they appeared. The big event is a positive energy program, Sociology In this way, the value of positive energy appears. Can an be strangled in the dark hand? How can we talk about the stability of the country and the support of the people?

 Understanding of life after being blocked in the first phase of the violent walk event (2)

It's my honor to share the news with some young girls after 29 minutes. In memory. After watching the cartoon, they will realize their dreams. Whirlpool Naruto has become the seventh generation of fire shadow. When he sees his son sleeping, he can't help but do the prank he played when he was a child. In the last recollection, Zhao Tiezhu, Captain, Muzi and other staff members of the runaway caricature are also included in the memory killing. Five years ago, they also worked hard to find a job. Now, five years later, they have made great achievements in their career and have a mature mark on their faces. And he revealed himself. At this time, I was in suspense for a moment. According to the information obtained before, this memory killed me. I felt that Wang NIMA was announcing the end.

There is no backstage for the mob, but they dare to do it. They dare to expose it and do it even though they know they will be investigated. Dare you?

   In the tower, there is a dirty light.

Comment list

Four months ago (03-29)

That's right! I support the big riots!!

 Craftsman's box
Three years ago (2017-12-03)

The big riots. It's a great show.

Dazzle Yi reply:
It's still a good show
Three years ago (2017-12-07)
Three years ago (2017-11-22)

Mob is one of my favorite programs. Unfortunately, the water of Chinese society makes this white paper full of ink

Dazzle Yi reply:
The water is too deep
Three years ago (2017-11-28)



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