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Explanation of the lyrics of Wei Wei

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-11-30) Record the past one thousand three hundred and thirty-two

 Jpg the lyrics of Wei Wei record the past

It's raining in the sky,

She was crying on her balcony after hysterical questions and hung up at the other end of the phone

She was crying and texting him, and he didn't reply

Cry too long, make see things are vague

I don't remember when I fell asleep like this

I woke up in the middle of the night and found that it was him

Tears swollen eyes dimly see "break up"

I don't know why she didn't cry when she saw the most worried message

As if there was a stone in her heart, she decided not to contact him, no longer have a trace of relationship with him

At least that's what the diary says

Fuzzy City, a fuzzy night scene, fuzzy raindrops , fall on the unknown Street Pavilion

Reading the last reply of your mobile phone, I feel a little numb and tell myself that I will be in the past

It's another rainy night

She went to work without an umbrella. For the first time, she walked alone in the rain on the street where he had sent her umbrellas countless times to take her home,

She found many neon lights that she had never noticed before. Their colorful reflections in the rain on the ground aroused her

And his memory of putting the river lamp in his school days

She finally couldn't help thinking about the person she thought should be shielded, but at this time she couldn't find his bad return

A lot of time, it's like a movie to make money for her

"If you break up, you'd better make it clear."

She thought so, or thought she was

Then he called

The result was no answer

I don't know whether she really heard his voice again or something she didn't do. It's hard to let go

She started to make phone calls, one after another, but in the end she didn't answer

The same is the rainy night, she cried again

↑↑ Who moved the idea of compassion, or called you, but you didn't answer ↑↑

She quit her old job, left her old city and went to a city where no one knew her. She said she was going to start a brand new life

Life of

(strange wind chimes hang on the strange street)

It is said that a new female technician appeared in XX night show, which is called Weiwei No.18

Exaggerated eyeliner and worldly way of dealing with men, she has become the kind of person she did not like most before - A

Women in the dust

In the morning, after work, she met a couple of young lovers kissing under the streetlight at the back door of the nightclub

See them in the orange red light pull out a long shadow

(the strange side face outlines one Familiar with)

For the first time, she understood the difference between feelings and desires

For the first time, she felt that the men and women on the dance floor were puppets of desire

Will be in the pursuit of fleeting pleasure, consumption of short-term youth after the lonely old

The same dance floor, a wave of old people left, a wave of new people come again

She thought it might be time to end this dreamy life

(the same night, the same person chasing the wind and catching the shadow, what can I do not want to have a good time)

She saw that someone on the Internet said that December 21 this year was the end of the world. She didn't believe it very much and was a little worried that it would be true

It's true. Then she's going to be with mom

When the plane landed, she returned to her hometown with her luggage and walked on the way home full of memories

The memory still carries the strong emotion to hit in a torrent

How can a girl who looks weak and vulnerable resist

(the wind blows away the clouds of the past. I am holding a small umbrella in my hands)

But this time she didn't cry

In the heart and last time the same pain, and no tears full of vision this time with clear

Maybe in the past few years, I have been assimilated into a hollow person by the environment

Or maybe it's because the mask has become a habit for too long, so that the expression can't keep up with the inner feelings

She thought so

No matter what, it doesn't matter, now think of those heart rending, love of the day, she just feel tired

I don't want to think about it

After a few years of marriage, maybe you can have a son like this

She thinks that, or she thinks so

(the road clearly hurts and clearly walks by myself. When I cry, it turns into a smile.)

(let's forget it, let the flowers drift and the water flow freely. Every year, we can't even have the slightest idea of wanting to fall in love.)

On the distant lighthouse, the noise of tourists spread far away

But who among them would know that there was once a girl in this city

So feed, feed, rain, listen, feed

They tick and tick in the feed

She was trapped in feeding

I want to say too much, and it turns out to be hello


This song was meant to be

Maybe only those who have experienced it can feel it

Maybe I didn't write the words clearly enough

Some children's shoes do not understand the meaning of the word (what the hell did you think the words were for no reason)

————I'm sorry————

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