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Zhai Xinxin entrusts a lawyer to threaten to sue netizens

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-09-18) Industry trends six hundred and ten

According to a lawyer's statement issued by Yi Shenghua, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke Law Firm, on September 18, Beijing Yingke Law firm signed an entrustment agreement with Ms. Zhai Xinxin to appoint Yi Shenghua's lawyer team as Ms. Zhai's legal adviser to handle all legal affairs related to Su's suicide.

Subsequently, Zhai Xinxin's appointed lawyer issued a warning, requiring the personal media to stop infringement, and will be held liable if the infringement information is not deleted before 24:00 on September 18, 2017.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

Lawyer's statement

Ms. Zhai Xinxin was appointed by Ms. Zhai Xinxin, and Mr. Henxin signed an agreement with Mr. Su Shengke, a lawyer in Beijing, to handle all the legal affairs related to the suicide.

Under the authorization of Ms. Zhai Xinxin, we make the following statement:

1. According to the facts and laws, we will strictly abide by the lawyer's practice discipline and professional ethics, and spare no effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Ms. Zhai Xinxin. We are seriously studying the evidence provided by Ms. Zhai Xinxin.

2. After the suicide incident of Mr. Su Shenmao, Ms. Zhai Xinxin, based on the traditional custom of "the dead are the most important", silently endured the misunderstanding and personal attacks from the outside world. Despite the enormous mental pressure, Ms. Zhai did not give any explanation or explanation.

3. Due to the information asymmetry, most netizens expressed their views on Su's suicide out of simple justice and kindness. No matter what views we have on this incident, we all understand it.

Ms. Zhai Xin and her family members made up false information about her and her family members, including spreading false information to the media. These acts of infringement have even constituted crimes.

5. We suggest that the above-mentioned individuals and media should immediately stop their illegal activities against Ms. Zhai Xinxin, delete the infringing information and eliminate the adverse effects; all network platforms should take the initiative to delete the information infringing on the rights and interests of Ms. Zhai Xinxin. Individuals, media and platforms that stop infringing or deleting infringing information before 24:00 on September 18, 2017 will no longer be held liable.

6. From 0:00 on September 19, 2017, we will collect and fix the relevant evidence, and investigate the legal responsibility of the illegal persons, media and platforms who infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Ms. Zhai Xinxin, and we will never condone it.

7. As this incident involves a lot of personal privacy of Ms. Zhai Xinxin and Mr. Su Shenmao, we will strictly abide by the confidentiality discipline and will not accept any media interview. If necessary, we will clarify and explain the relevant facts through Sina Weibo "@ Yi Shenghua lawyer".

8. We have learned that the agent entrusted by Su's family members is an excellent lawyer who we respect and trust. We are willing to consult with an open mind and communicate fully to help both parties and their families eliminate misunderstanding and resolve hostility. We believe that through the joint efforts of lawyers from both sides, the case will return to the level of rationality and law, and finally be properly resolved.

Lawyer Yi Shenghua

After that, Xu Bo, the boss of Guangzhou Duoyi network, announced that if any organization or individual who was sued for the true disclosure of Zhai Xinxin and led to compensation, they would be willing to compensate 50% - 150% of the amount of compensation awarded. The upper limit for a single lawsuit is 2 million, with a total amount of 20 million. If someone is jailed for exposing Zhai Xinxin, he will help him find a good lawyer, bear all the lawyer's fees, take care of his family members, and subsidize his family members with living expenses of 1 million yuan a year.

The full text of Xu Bo's statement is as follows:

I declare that I will do my best to defend the deceiving programmers

If there are organizations and individuals who have been sued for the true disclosure of Zhai Xinxin, I am willing to compensate 50% - 150% of the amount of compensation awarded. The upper limit of a single lawsuit is 2 million yuan, with a total amount of 20 million yuan.

Everybody refuels the disclosure, must reliable effective disclosure, must let the good have the good, the evil has the evil retribution.

If Zhai Xinqi is exposed, he will be sent to prison every year to help his family, and if he has a lawyer, he will pay for his family.

My company is full of lousy programmers. I'm here to brush microblogs. They're exhausted.

I know women and can pick up girls, but they are simple and honest. I can't make them worry about looking for a wife. They are bullied and cheated. There must be righteousness in this world, and those who do harm must be afraid of punishment and retribution.

You know, programmers, or the legitimate content of the website.

The repeater belongs to the small security violation of spreading privacy, but it will not be regarded as illegal access to citizens' privacy.

It's someone else who gets privacy. Let them go overseas.

Not many people, many articles, all belong to small violations, not crimes

Defamation of fictitious facts, if there are more than 500 articles, is a crime of defamation.

But this is obviously a serious public interest issue, Sociology In the case of order, the law has a high tolerance for some wrong information produced by public supervision.

If you are afraid, you will send it overseas, if you are not afraid, you will send it to China directly. That's all

The wicked must be punished

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Three years ago (2017-09-21)

Sit around and watch the follow-up

Dazzle Yi reply:
Hello, little sister Xinxin
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