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The Japanese cabinet has been attacked by 50000 "mysterious Chinese mails"

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-08-22) Industry trends one thousand and ninety-five

On August 15, Asahi television broadcast a confusing news report. Many Japanese cabinet members and members of the house of Representatives received a mysterious one line Chinese e-mail. Even the office of the Minister of general affairs of Noda also received an indelible Chinese e-mail. Within one day, the number of e-mails exceeded 50000.

According to minister Noda's office, so far, it has not been confirmed whether there is virus infection or information leakage and other victimization.

This incident shocked the Japanese House of Representatives and ministers, and even the Chief Cabinet Secretary said at the press conference, "this is a problem that can never be forgiven."

However, after a thorough investigation, the Japanese government is still at a loss about this matter, and the whole Abe cabinet has fallen into an extremely frightened mood

Many Japanese viewers who saw this news were also very surprised. What kind of mail actually caused such a big diplomatic incident? From the TV screen, these emails that affect Sino Japanese relations only have one sentence: "give it to 28. The first charge will be 18, the second charge will be 28, and it will be delivered to you". It is also followed by a website, which links to an online gambling website in Macao.

 The Japanese cabinet was attacked by 50000 "Chinese mysterious e-mails". JPG Japanese cabinet was attacked by 50000 "Chinese mysterious e-mails". Industry trends

Regular mail system There will be "spam screening" function, why does the Japanese cabinet still have this situation? A straightforward old Chinese driver pointed out: This is because someone logged in to check the "pornographic" website and was hit by a Trojan horse, which led to the leakage of internal e-mail address, so that mass spam could be exploited.

PS: the Chinese people look at the island, then the island people look at it?

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Comment list

 Craftsman's box
Three years ago (2017-08-27)

Ha ha ha, this is embarrassing

Dazzle Yi reply:
If it's a male bank, it receives 50000 emails_ 14]
Three years ago (2017-08-28)
 The rain shed tears
Three years ago (2017-08-22)

Island people should not like to look at themselves

Dazzle Yi reply:
Guess, it may be Europe and America
Three years ago (2017-08-22)



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