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Five centimeters per second - you give up, I just shed tears, and I forget you used 13 years

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-13) Life experience one thousand six hundred and seventy-nine

Today I bring you another work of xinhaicheng, which is five centimeters per second.

 5 cm per second. JPG 5 cm per second - you give up my tears, but I forget you, but it took 13 years of life experience

Although both works of xinhaicheng, it may be the reason of my own experience. In my mind, the speed of 5 cm per second is better than your name. Although Chihiro didn't like the tragic ending, the film itself touched me a lot.

The story happened in 1990, when mobile phones were not popular. The two people's contact basically depended on writing letters. Guishu and the girl met in primary school. Both of them were weak in physique, and both liked reading. They shared a common hobby. So they were slowly attracted to each other, but at that time, they didn't know what the feeling was. One day, two people were walking on a path in Tokyo. A cherry tree full of petals appeared in front of them. Mingli and your tree said, "do you know, the speed of Cherry Blossom falling is very slow, only five centimeters per second.". Wait until this time next year, let's watch the cherry blossom falling together, OK.

At that time, they thought that each other would appear in each other's eyes for a lifetime, and would watch the cherry blossom falling every year together.

But the reality is always so rebellious. After graduating from primary school, Mingli transferred to another school and knew that Mingli was going to leave. Guishu didn't know what to say. He only knew that a feeling of tearing swept through his whole body, but at that time, he still didn't know what the feeling was called. In this way, Mingli left, took Guishu's reluctance and left.

After half a year, the first grade junior high school tree suddenly received a letter from Mingli. The letter seemed to warm the heart of your tree in winter, making him infatuated. So they began to write letters and communicate, and the pieces of paper were missing each other bit by bit.

Guishu doesn't know how many letters he wrote to Mingli, but the one that Mingli sent to him at first has never been forgotten in your life.

That winter, your trees will also leave, to go to the remote Kagoshima, they are a step further away. To all these powerless trees, told Mingli in the letter, so they agreed to see each other before leaving.

That day, wind and snow, Shinkansen stop and go, do not know how late, looking at the wind and snow outside the window, the heart of your tree is extremely cold. I don't know if she still has to wait, maybe it's better to leave. Because she has always been so lonely, lonely like a person curled up in the train, your tree Miss Mingli, but do not know how to face this mood, can only try to control themselves, you let the voice of crying spread. Even if there is only Guishu on the lonely train, lonely, helpless, afraid......

Countless thoughts emerge in the heart of your tree, until the moment of getting off the bus. At that moment, he saw a figure who was also lonely and helpless, waiting silently. The girl he missed so much was waiting for him. That day, they exchanged their first kiss, under the cherry tree without petals. But until that moment, belonging also did not know what this feeling is called. That night, they hugged each other in the wind and snow, talked for a long time in the room that was not warm, and leaned to sleep.

The next day, your tree on the train home, but who does not know, this farewell, has become forever.

In the twinkling of an eye, Guishu has reached the first grade of high school. He often edits e-mails on his mobile phone, but there is no girl who can receive letters. He knew that the same grade Huamiao had a good impression on him, but in his eyes there was only the lonely distance. Did he really not like Huamiao? We don't know. We only know that his heart has been covered by the wind and snow, and when he and Mingli cut off the letter, Huamiao just because of his deep love for Guishu, she realized that she would not be the scenery in your eyes after all. Because there is nothing in his eyes. Until the end, Huamiao didn't say her love for your tree, just watched silently at the end of the flight to Tokyo.

  After spring and autumn, I don't know how many times the spring breeze blows, but the heart of your tree has never been more than half a minute warm. Even if you have been with your girlfriend for three years, you are only one centimeter closer to your tree. Now you are still empty in your eyes. You do not know what you are holding on to, and you do not know what you are holding on to. You are so confused and empty Spend time.

Before the spring of the year, your tree quit her job. Although he has numerous reasons to persuade himself to do so, there is no one reason that he can really accept. The weather slowly turned warm, and it was the cherry blossom season again. On a quiet afternoon, the noble tree put on his coat and went to the place where he had agreed to see the cherry blossom together. The cherry blossom there was still so beautiful, but there was no girl who told him the speed of cherry blossom falling. It has been 13 years since that year, and now your tree has forgotten the appearance of Mingli But he still remembers the first letter he wrote to him, every word and every sentence. At the beginning, the agreement between you and me has become eternal. I'm afraid you and I can't meet each other in this life. I don't know if you live well in the distance. I don't know if you are still alone. I've been under the cherry tree, where the petals are full, but you who want to enjoy the flowers together are no longer around.

You don't know what kind of eyes to end the viewing, because his eyes have already lost the distance.

A person walking alone on the way home, the tree once again passed the familiar station, a figure and he passed, Ming Li! Your tree's heart suddenly trembled. He knew that as long as he turned around, he could see the girl he had been with for many years. Without a second's hesitation, he turned to the past. However, what he saw was the train coming and going. After all, the girl who had been waiting for him alone was no longer waiting.

The other side of the driveway is empty. She still remembers me, she still remembers that agreement. I have no regrets to see her again in this life. Your tree's heart at that moment, the ice and snow melt, he can finally face a new self, and finally know that the unspeakable feeling is love.

The story of your tree is over, but our story is still going on. We are still walking in the wind and snow, we are still lonely and helpless. We all yearn for the beauty of love, but in return, it is the noise of life. When those unforgettable people have disappeared, when the sea dried stone rotten oath has become a good gathering and good separation, what can we say?

Mingli did not do wrong, she accepted the reality, found a new rely on, Guishu also did not do wrong, he insisted on his own heart, to his desire for a better progress. No one is wrong. It's just the distance between us. You give up my tears, and I forget you, but it took 13 years. Chihiro would like to ask, if one day, you and the one you cherish most meet in the crowd, will you have the courage to turn around? Will you have the courage to accept a new self?


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I haven't seen "five centimeters per second" and "your name". I'll find a chance to see it later.

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I have goods in my cloud disk
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Wow, can you share it?
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Baidu cloud ID: Breaking Dawn, I will send it to you, or QQ group: 171744332.
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