Command prompt [root @ localhost ~] # root: current login user localhost: host name ~: the current directory, here is the "home" directory ා: root super user prompt, if it is a normal user, it is in the command format of $command [options] [parameters] brackets [] indicate the contents of the optional query Directory: LS LS LS [options] [file or directory] options: - A: Display all files, including hidden files - L: display details - D: View directory properties - H: display file size - I: display inode according to the above options, type in the command, the display results are as follows: [root @... "

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The runtime is the foundation to support most programs. As many commonly used software are written in Microsoft Visual Studio, the operation of such software depends on Microsoft Visual C + + runtime library, such as QQ, Xunlei and adobe Software, etc. if the runtime library is not installed or the installed version is incomplete, an error may be reported when the software is opened, indicating that the library file is missing. However, many friends don't know which runtime versions to install. Microsoft common runtime collection is to solve the problem of installing the runtime. This Microsoft system runtime collection integrates the latest and most commonly used versions of Microsoft runtime library. It is easy to install and operate with one click. It can be called an essential artifact for installation! This version

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All of a sudden, freshman is coming to an end, and the student union is about to change. Fortunately to be a good person, but also in order to cater to our group of students' search, we published the template that I once wrote. Ha ha, good for the country and the people. Friendly tips, remember to look at the time when using. The second semester of 2013-2014 is coming to an end, and the first semester of 2013-2014 is coming. Looking back on this passionate second semester, with the joint efforts of the Department members, the office work has achieved certain results, and the work of the office has been basically completed smoothly. In order to continue to carry out high quality office routine work, better contact with various departments, strive to work in the past

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This document is collected by bloggers from the network, and its security is not guaranteed! (file extraction code: 8404) Xunlei version collection size: 11mb | source: 360 cloud disk has been tested to be non-toxic by security software, please feel free to download.

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