It's disgusting. I don't want to vomit. I used to run blogs, map bed nodes and other two sites on VPS bought by pacificrack. After a year, the server hasn't even been rebooted. It's running stably. I'm ready to use it for a few years. As a result, the direct price increase of Temo is extremely unreasonable. It costs so much at once. I vaguely remember that when I bought it, the publicity copy said that the renewal price was the same as that of the same price. The original price was $12, and the renewal fee was directly increased to $30. It was not surprising and unexpected~

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If the VPS hard disk is SSD, the speed measurement in ordinary way may not really reflect the SSD performance. We can install hdparm tool on VPS to test The steps are as follows: execute the following command to install hdparm Yum install hdparm - y, enter fdisk - L to list all partition tables, and use hdparm - t to test the speed of a hard disk, such as hdparm - t / dev / vda1

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