Let's start with a theme map. I've been using Logitech's 100 yuan entry-level membrane keyboard. I've been in service for nearly three years. I'm more and more eager to change to a new keyboard. I originally wanted to bite my teeth and buy amiloride. But I saw this Akko Bili co branded model. I have to say, it's really good-looking. I've just finished my salary and my wallet hasn't shrunk, so I'll place an order decisively. After unpacking the express, the overall color of the keyboard is the blue color of the small broken station. It is clean and refreshing, clean and clean. It doesn't look very feminine (all the men who use macho powder are warriors). The key cap is the sublimation of PBT, and the axis is cherry's green axis, which is as cool as ever. Physical display coin

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The network signal in the village is too poor, it is difficult to send and receive information. All kinds of blessings are in silence. Happy New Year!

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