It is applicable to hang up website monitoring, second Zan network task monitoring, jasmine robot monitoring, etc. ~ task running: add task: [ypbtn] [/ ypbtn]

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Tencent mobile game assistant is a very good Android simulator. Compared with other simulators, all games in Tencent mobile game center can be played directly, which saves the trouble of key mapping configuration. However, relatively speaking, it is painful for us to play other software After testing, except for the software downloaded from Tencent's own game center, other games that can't be found can't be installed at all. Most simulators on the market support drag installation, that is, drag the APK installation package file to the simulator interface to install the program. However, Tencent this wonderful flower, unexpectedly does not support!!!!! The following will teach you how to crack the limit, arbitrary installation program, knock Tencent! First open the mobile game assistant, start the QQ inside the simulator and log in. Log in to Q with your computer

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