This is a flow consumer Foreword of instructions for use; The reason why this thing came into being at first was that just after the conversion of the sesame card package, the directional traffic was too big to use, so we set up this thing. Before we used it for ourselves, what we saw on the Internet was some local versions, which also consumed the server traffic. Taking up the server bandwidth, we pulled others' changes, and added some popular display elements to the page, For example, the display of IP home information has been changed a lot, and a bunch of speed measurement nodes have been added. It is troublesome to switch back and forth every time, so I have the idea of replacing it. Just in time to see the new version of @ net909 tool net, the interface is more elegant and beautiful, so I pulled it down, simply modified it, and it is suitable

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In view of the uncertainty of domestic servers, data is often lost recently, so a one click backup and recovery script for this pagoda panel site and database is specially issued. There are two files, backup script (backup. sh) and restore script (restore. sh). The script's related functions and features are as follows: 1. It supports multiple backup storage locations, including remote server (scp), AliCloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Huawei Cloud OBS, Baidu Cloud BOS. The pagoda's built-in backup function only supports the backup of website files and databases, and does not support the backup of website settings. 3…

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Effect demonstration: click or visit the blank space of the current page View effect reference method:<script crossorigin="anonymous" integrity="sha384-rY/jv8mMhqDabXSo+UCggqKtdmBfd3qC2/KvyTDNQ6PcUJXaxK1tMepoQda4g5vB" src=“ "></script> <scri…

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Mail Login Rendering Preview Original Template Source: Download address: Visit View the source code of the webpage or download and save the link below the stamp

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This template has introduced bootstrap, so the page is more beautiful and magnificent. Except for the paid host, the domain name registration page has not been translated into Chinese (I feel that it is useless), and other basic Chinese translations have been completed, changing the name can be almost used: delete the original contents of the htdocs directory, and put it into this template. Pictures, CSS and JS files can be placed on domestic servers and called, so the page loading is much faster. It is recommended to use Qiniu Cloud to click to register the cdn acceleration service file to access the password Gcod ps: 2016-09-16 @ Intoxication with Chinese style Perfect Chinese demonstration address: Download the latest version: Link:

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