One click activation, enjoy the genuine windows system (applicable to most windows series products) win10_ Kms size: 55kb | source: the local high-speed download has been tested by the security software. Please feel free to download.

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The runtime is the foundation to support most programs. As many commonly used software are written in Microsoft Visual Studio, the operation of such software depends on Microsoft Visual C + + runtime library, such as QQ, Xunlei and adobe Software, etc. if the runtime library is not installed or the installed version is incomplete, an error may be reported when the software is opened, indicating that the library file is missing. However, many friends don't know which runtime versions to install. Microsoft common runtime collection is to solve the problem of installing the runtime. This Microsoft system runtime collection integrates the latest and most commonly used versions of Microsoft runtime library. It is easy to install and operate with one click. It can be called an essential artifact for installation! This version

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