If the VPS hard disk is SSD SSD, the speed measurement in ordinary way may not really reflect the performance of SSD. We can install hdparm tool on VPS to test. The steps are as follows: execute the following command to install hdparm Yum install hdparm - y, and enter fdisk - L   List all partition tables. Use hdparm - t to test the speed of a hard disk, such as hdparm - t / dev / vda1  

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Based on qq9.23 + ntr6.2.0   Green (additional integration of QQ to verify the patch) only for learning and exchange use ~ update note: PC version 9.23 Optimization: new version of QQ, help to carry out online teaching easily- Group chat adds "group class" function, which can be participated by mobile phone and computer- Support the sharing of screens by region, multi terminal intercommunication of mobile phones and computers, and easily launch online teaching / conference- Multi person voice and video, mute all members can turn off the member camera, multi person interaction is more orderly- For homework of home school group, new graffiti red pen and score are added, marking is more clear. Download address Baidu cloud: https://eyun.baidu.com/s/3dG0qYQl Blue playing cloud: https://www.l

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The compressed package contains win7 and win10 activation tools. Please decompress it first. Features of operation: win7 activation tool collects early horse activation, non-toxic, harmless, no residue, permanent activation, non kms win10 activation tool supports the acquisition of digital rights, permanent activation, KMS online activation, and AACT kms offline activation. It can also be used in no network state. KMS is suitable for VL version system activation. When downloading MSDN, you need to pay attention to version differentiation.

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Lightproxy is developed by Alibaba ife team based on   Electron   and   whistle   Lightproxy: an open source desktop proxy software supporting windows and MAC   Can automatically complete the certificate installation and proxy settings, so that developers can accurately grasp their own development environment, through the   The HTTP proxy uses rules to forward and modify the content of each request and response. What can I do for you? Packet capture, including wireless scene capture, real-time hosts binding, forwarding resources according to rules, mock interface, page and other modification request and response content, such as inserting script in the page, modifying and returning to the top [ypbtn] https://aliba

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The basic knowledge of WOL, and how to open the BIOS, whether the motherboard supports WOL, and so on, are not described here. These are believed to be available on the Internet, and a lot of tutorials are searched, so it is not difficult to find them. The premise of this article is that you can wake up your computer through LAN, otherwise, there is no need to continue to read. If I am at home at ordinary times, the common way is to let tmall Genie help me turn on the machine, which is just a matter of a word; If you're not at home, log in to the router's background (my Merlin firmware) is located in the network tool - wake up over the network (LAN) and enter the MAC address to wake up the computer. The disadvantage of this method is to visit the router background every time. It is not convenient and friendly for family and friends to use, and it is easy to misoperate; There is also a kind of

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At ordinary times, we will add special pictures to the articles to make the articles look better. Some WordPress Themes will display the featured pictures as thumbnails. The special pictures brought by WP must be uploaded to our own server. This not only takes up the memory bandwidth of the server, but also greatly affects the loading speed of the website. Nelio external featured image is a plug-in that can set the characteristic pictures into the external chain pictures. This can not only reduce the pressure on the server, but also improve the loading speed of the website. The required plug-ins can be installed directly in the background by searching for plug-ins. The plug-in settings are very simple. After installing in the background, write the right side of the article page

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Xiaomi 9 brush magic detailed tutorial, Mask preview picture: first of all, the mobile phone must unlock the BL lock before continuing: Xiaomi official BL unlocking tutorial: check the link Use: https://www.lanzous.com/i6yc2dc 2. Download the third-party w-sized rec one button wire brush kit on the computer: link: view the link    Extraction code: tdd5 standby: https://www.lanzous.com/i6yc2

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Based on qq9.16 + ntr6.01, greening is only used for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 9.16 Optimization: multi person video call support picture distribution free switching; Message forwarding function supports instant creation of group chat forwarding; Turn on the message synchronization mode, and the friend information will not be missed. Download address Baidu cloud: https://eyun.baidu.com/s/3dGr38bR#Gcod Blue playing cloud: https://www.lanzous.com/i6idqib   (recommended) the latest version is recommended~

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Based on tim2.3.2 + ntr6.01, greening is only for learning and communication ~ update note: PC version 9.16 Optimization: file transfer experience Optimization: group chat file transfer success rate effectively improved; The group file supports breakpoint continuous transmission after network disconnection recovery, without starting from the beginning; Greatly reduce memory consumption, reduce stuck, run more smoothly. Download address Baidu cloud: https://eyun.baidu.com/s/3eTDgemI#Gcod Blue playing cloud: https://www.lanzous.com/i6idqoh   (recommended) the latest version is recommended~

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