If the VPS hard disk is SSD SSD, the speed measurement in ordinary way may not really reflect the performance of SSD. We can install hdparm tool on VPS to test. The steps are as follows: execute the following command to install hdparm Yum install hdparm - Y input fdisk - L to list all partition tables, and use hdparm - t to test the speed of a certain hard disk, such as hdparm - t / dev / vda1  

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The complete operation records are as follows: ා step 1, install davfs2 Yum install davfs2 - y #; create directory MKDIR / www / wwwroot / mdzz #; mount - t DAVFs HTTPS: / / WebDAV. Yandex. Ru / backup / www / wwwroot / mdzz. After the execution, enter the account and password of yandex in turn according to the prompts. Note: the OpenVZ architecture server needs to enable fuse to work normally! Test environment: CentOS Linux 7.4

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Recently, I used buyvm's VPS, which is very cost-effective, but because his family is operated by oneman, he is afraid of running away. The loss of money doesn't matter. It's only a few dollars. But what about the data? If it's lost, it's fun. This paper introduces a method of automatically backing up website and database files every day, sending email to mailbox, uploading website and data, adding files to FTP space, and automatically deleting old backup. First install the email sending component: Yum install sendmail mutt script download address: http://down.vpsmm.com/shell/autobackuptoftp.sh the script code is as follows (note to modify the FTP server address, user name and password): \

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CentOS system service script directory / usr / lib / SYSTEMd / there are systems and users. Programs that can be run without logging in are stored in the system, that is, / lib / SYSTEMd / system / on the contrary, programs that can be run after the user logs in are stored in the user. The service ends with. Service. Here, take nginx startup as an example. 1. Create a service file VIM / lib / SYSTEMd / system / nginx. Service [unit] description = nginx after = netwo

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Save the name of the network card by using the name of / boot / config / config

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Netstat - LNT | awk 'NR > 2 {print $4}} | grep - E' '| sed's /. *: / /' | sort - n | uniq uniq only view monitoring IPv6 port netstat - LNT | awk 'NR > 2 {print $4} | grep - E'::: '| sed's /. /. *:: /' | sort - N-N | n - n | n n | n | n | n | n | u | awk 'NR > 2 | print $4 | u grep - E' bothuniq IPv4 and IPv6 have netstat - LNT | awk 'NR > 2 {print $4}' | gr

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Linux modifying SSH port 22 VI / etc / SSH / SSH_ config vi /etc/ssh/sshd_ Config is then modified to port 8888. Use putty as root service sshd restart (RedHat AS3) and port 8888. The default port of SSH under Linux is 22. For security considerations, the port of SSH is modified to 1433. The modification method is as follows: add a user with normal permissions first to enhance security: # useradd uploader # pa

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Command prompt [root @ localhost ~] # root: current login user localhost: host name ~: the current directory, here is the "home" directory ා: root super user prompt, if it is a normal user, it is in the command format of $command [options] [parameters] brackets [] indicate the contents of the optional query Directory: LS LS LS [options] [file or directory] options: - A: Display all files, including hidden files - L: display details - D: View directory properties - H: display file size - I: display inode according to the above options, type in the command, the display results are as follows: [root @... "

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