Wishosting chicken install AMH panel to create website

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For details, please refer to: https://blog.cccyun.cc/post-233.html

Php5.6 & php7.0

 wget  http://api.cccyun.cc/amh.sh  && chmod 775 amh. sh && ./amh. sh 2>&1 | tee amh.log
 wget  http://api.cccyun.cc/amh2.sh  && chmod 775 amh2.sh && ./amh2.sh 2>&1 | tee amh.log

After installation, SSH executes the following command to modify the AMH management port

 amh SetParam amh amh_ Listen 666666

As there is no IPv4 address, we have to make do with it~


If building a website, please refer to the official website


Submit the work order, and then point your domain name to your machine through reverse generation


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