Subtotal of time difference display problems of photos uploaded by Google Photos

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Recently, it was found that the photos uploaded from Google Photo Album are not displayed on the APP at the right time, such as the photo below,
When viewing the webpage version, it is obvious that the problem is not the time of the photo, but the time zone,

The time zone is GMT-07:00 in West Zone 7, and the time is 05:12 on April 13. The question is who will eat this in the morning

Try to adjust the time zone to East Zone 8 GMT+08:00, and you can see that the time is 8:12 p.m. on April 13, which is the correct time

Then I'm curious why the time zone of my photos will become the time zone of beautiful country,

Most of the online answers are about the default time zone of Google's account,

Unfortunately, none of these settings can be found, and some people let them set in Google Calendar, but this is not the problem after trying,

Some V2ex netizens mentioned that the time zone of the proxy VPS server was set incorrectly. After checking, they found that the time zone of the server had been adjusted before, which is not the reason

After an hour or so of searching for information, I looked through the photos I synchronized before and found that there were also right ones. I once suspected that they were bugs in the current album version,
Later, I made a simple comparison between the photos that can't display the time zone normally and the photos that can display the time zone correctly,

The only difference between the two is the photos normally displayed in the time zone

The location information can be displayed normally, like the following

To further verify this situation, check some photo files in the Pixel device and find that there is really no location information recorded in the attributes

At this time, the results are clearly ready to come out,

That is, if the location information (GPS) in the exif attribute of the photo is missing during the synchronization of Google Album, the time zone of the IP territory of the proxy server will be used,

But I was puzzled again. It was clear that my original photo had recorded location information. Why was the location information lost after using synching to transmit it?

Until I saw the mobile phone's photo privacy protection function just now, you can check some APP to erase the location information, mode shooting time, mobile phone model and other parameter information

Well, the case is finally solved

Therefore, if the original photo is still there, the processing is simple. The original photo can be resynchronized without clearing the location information

If it has been deleted, you can export the original image from the Google album, and then use the software to maintain the location information of the photo EXIF attribute, and then synchronize it


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