Uses, advantages and disadvantages of pots made of different materials

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Pots made of different materials have different characteristics and uses. The following are some common pot materials and their advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Stainless steel pot: The stainless steel pot has a bright appearance and is easy to clean and maintain. The heat conductivity of stainless steel pan is generally poor and requires a long preheating time, but once heated evenly, the temperature will be relatively stable. It is suitable for cooking soup, rice, noodles, porridge and other foods that need to be cooked slowly, but it is not suitable for high-temperature frying.
  2. Cast iron pan: Cast iron pan is usually very heavy, but its thermal conductivity is very good, and it can be heated quickly and evenly. Cast iron pot is suitable for long time stewing, stewing, casserole and other dishes requiring long time heat preservation, but it is troublesome to clean and needs to be dry and rust proof.
  3. Non stick pan: The inner layer of the non stick pan is generally coated with special materials, which avoids the problem of food sticking to the pan and is easy to clean. Non stick pan is suitable for low temperature cooking, frying and soup cooking, but care should be taken not to use it at high temperature to avoid damaging the coating.
  4. Aluminum pot: aluminum pot is a kind of portable pot with good thermal conductivity, and its price is relatively low. It is suitable for cooking soup, rice, noodles and other foods that need to be cooked for a short time. However, attention should be paid to the fact that aluminum pans are vulnerable to acid substances and avoid using acid food for cooking.
  5. Ceramic pot: The ceramic pot has a beautiful appearance and is easy to clean, while maintaining the original taste of food. It is suitable for stewing and soup cooking, but its thermal conductivity is generally poor, requiring a longer preheating time.

The above are the main features and scope of application of pots made of different materials. When purchasing, you should choose suitable pots according to your cooking needs and budget.


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