Zero Nine Cloud Disk Chart Bed Optimization Description

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Currently, the map bed storage server is located in China, and it is strictly prohibited to upload various illegal documents related to pornography, gambling and drugs.

The image outer chain is only used by personal blog sites that have obtained record numbers, and is prohibited for commercial purposes.

Map bed access address:

Map bed CDN domain name:
Map bed accessibility monitoring:
Demo image URL:

Picture presentation (the service is normal if it can be previewed):

Reporting method:
Please click the feedback at the bottom to report violations.

Daily communication:
😆 If you encounter problems in uploading pictures, please feed back in time:
Buckle group: 963296211

Update description:

Chart bed program update


Chart bed program update
CDN source return line optimization


User experience optimization


The chart bed was replaced with a new program a week ago


User access optimization in Northeast, Northwest and other regions


Improved user access experience in South China, East China and other regions


Add ipv6 access support



Optimize the user access experience of China Unicom in central China


CDN node optimization

Mobile line adjustment


CDN node optimization

China Mobile and China Railcom users default to the cloudflare CDN Hong Kong node
(Mobile users in East China directly connect to Jiangsu Mobile)

Cludflare CDN nodes are used outside the mainland

At the same time, Cloudflare will be back to source via China Mobile (Hong Kong) lines,

It is expected to effectively reduce the delay by 50 ms.


CDN node optimization,

The visit experience in the Central Plains has been improved.


The default domain name used for image acceleration was changed,

Changed from to

The original domain name will stop supporting HTTPS. Currently, only basic HTTP calls are guaranteed.


CDN node optimization

The map bed is connected to cloudflare, and overseas visitors will automatically switch to the cloudflare node for acceleration.


The image outer chain has now been fully HTTPS enabled!

The map bed has CDN acceleration service for all pictures!


Graph bed online

Experience address:

Test account: Password: 123456

(This account is only for testing! Do not store important data, and the contents stored in the test account will be deleted irregularly)

External chain display pictures:

Major historical update events in 2018
The historical data of map bed has been migrated to the new program on the evening of December 23, 2018 Lsky Pro
period Access will be paused.

The whole process of data migration is insensitive, and the uploaded pictures do not affect the access
After migration,
The initial space capacity will be set to 1G,
Previously uploaded pictures will be saved in My Pictures Contents
The original account password remains unchanged,
If you forget your password, you can use your email to retrieve it.

The map bed is based on the outer chain of the tree hole, and is only used for saving maps!

The space capacity is limited, so ordinary users have been restricted (click here Apply or contact me by other means If any ) 。
Self registration has been started for the new version of the program (Note: Open irregularly


If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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