Install multiple tomcat on windows server

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As shown in the question, if you don't bother to maintain the system environment variables one by one, don't want to modify the listening port, and don't want to modify various files to replace the original variables,

It is recommended to use the official Windows service installation version for rapid deployment.

To install Tomcat 8.5.76 in the Win10 environment as an example, the operation steps are as follows

1. From Tomcat official website Download the installation package:

For the Windows operating system, there are mainly the following versions:

  • zip
  • 32-bit Windows zip
  • 64-bit Windows zip
  • 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer
    We can download the 32 bit/64 bit Windows Service Installer,

2. After downloading the installation package, double-click to start the installation process, and click Next to continue

If there is no special requirement, minimize the installation

3. Changes in subsequent installation

If you need to install more than one tomcat, you need to modify the default Listening port 8080 Service name

The example in the screenshot is:

Port 8081 is used, and the service name is _demo8081 added after the original default name (it does not conflict with the used port and service name)

And specify the tomcat deployment directory


4. How to start tomcat after installation

Since it has been added to the service, it can be started directly from the service, configured to boot automatically, etc

5. Deploy a test project to verify whether Tomcat can be started

Verify whether tomcat runs normally by viewing tomcat logs and actually accessing the project URL


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