Make braised food - [Chef Tan teaches cooking series]

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Early Saturday morning, Chengdu, which has always been sunny, ushered in a cloudy day with northeast wind. The autumn leaves on the street shivered in the cold wind and kept fluttering with the wind, which always implied that it was a cold morning again.

At the moment, Master Tan, who had just woken up and washed his head, hurried out of the house. He didn't return with a full load until near noon

It turns out that Master Tan is going to make braised meat today. Just now, he went to the market to buy chicken feet, ribs and spices......



















































Key notes:

The chicken feet are bought and soaked for half an hour, then boiled in cold water, put cooking wine into the pan, and when the water boils, pull out the chicken feet, rinse them with hot water, and then put them aside. When the water is half boiled, put the chicken feet into the brine, turn down the fire after the water boils, and then determine the time to go according to the size of the ingredients, such as chicken tip, My habit is to turn off the fire and soak the duck wings for about 15 minutes after 7~10 minutes

Just soak for a few hours

You can also add some dried chilli, dried Chinese prickly ash, gardenia and rock sugar to the brine

[Pickle the nose] Generally, you can buy five flavors of bittern, and then you can add dried millet and spicy to make hot bittern according to your own taste

You can make it soft and rotten


If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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