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My ideal life is to be with the people I like and do what I like.

These days, the weather is unusually dry and hot, which makes people uneasy, and even some people can't settle down to study. Open station B, I will see the top of a popular video called "after the wave" video. It is station B's "blessing for the new generation of youth", and it is also broadcast on CCTV as a special program of the May 4th Youth Day.

When I look at it, Listen to that exciting BGM and full of positive energy "It seems that my heart is surging with emotion. I forget some worries for the moment. I think our future is bright and hope is near. But after watching the video these days, I always feel flustered. I always feel that there is something wrong with the video. Today, I turn on the video and watch it again, only to find out the problem of this video.

As a video promoting "positive energy", the lines of houlang are really moving

All that talk,
Generation after generation should look at you;
Like me, I look at you with envy.
Human beings have accumulated wealth for thousands of years,
All knowledge, knowledge, wisdom and art,
Like a special gift for you;
Science and technology are prosperous, culture is flourishing, and the city is prosperous,
The fruits of modern civilization have been opened up and can be enjoyed;
Free to learn a language, learn a craft, enjoy a movie, travel to distant places.
Many of you have been exploring your own interests since you were young;
Many people are in their 40s in their childhood;
Don't worry about what you like or don't like.
The barriers between people are broken,
You just have the same hobbies,
It's worth making friends,
You have the right we once dreamed of - the right to choose
What you love is your life. You are lucky to meet such an era;
But the times are more fortunate to meet you like this.
I look at you with respect.

This is very similar to us in the secondary two period many years ago: "look, the older generation, we are not the beat generation in your mouth. We have the best knowledge resources and material wealth of this era. We have our own ideas and choices. We must be better than you in the future."

I used to be the same, I have firmly believed that efforts will be rewarded, as long as we adhere to the struggle, success is waiting for us on the other side. When I was in middle school, there was no pressure on my life, and I always ranked among the best in school. Although there were some fluctuations sometimes, I was still carefree on the whole. At that time, I had not been beaten by the society. I felt that I would be able to do my best on the social stage in the future, so I was full of all kinds of expectations for the future.

The first time I felt that life was not easy was when I graduated from high school. At that time, after the college entrance examination, I took advantage of my summer vacation time to go to Wuhan to do part-time jobs. At that time, I was really confident and fearless. I was walking in a strange big city relying on my mobile phone map, and I was not afraid of losing my way. I was looking for a part-time job in 58 kinds of summer vacation, and I actually found an educational institution. I wanted to be a part-time teacher to give guidance to my classmates and fully demonstrate my talents. However, it turned out that I was just a flyer, guarding the entrance of middle school or calling parents to sell counseling courses. The so-called promise of "part-time counseling after the end of publicity period" has become a hollow check. I only earned two or three hundred yuan after hard working for several days, which made me feel very disappointed. When they said "you don't have to come" on the last day, I couldn't help but cry. On the way back, I sat on the crowded Wuhan subway and looked at the crowd in a hurry. For the first time, I felt the indifference and sadness of the society. At that time, I decided in my heart: Wuhan, this big city, has more prosperous high-rise buildings, but less human warmth. This bad impression also led me to fill in the application form and eventually changed my first choice to Xiamen University.

Although the summer vacation left me a very bad memory, two months later, I entered the University of starvation, which diluted my sadness, relaxed and happy atmosphere of freshman, and gradually let me forget the past unhappiness. It seems that I have picked up some confidence. Although the university has experienced the depression of uncertain professional prospects and unknown future direction in the past four years, he graduated from college with no danger and found his first formal job in Xiamen. After graduation, working in Xiamen during that time was really hard. People under pressure of various tasks could not breathe. They often got up early to catch the bus, and then worked overtime until late at night to return to the rented room for rest. At that time, although I felt tired and saw a lot of capital squeezing operations, I dare not speak up. At most, I went to the bar to complain at the end of the week. If I thought that there was still a little salary, I could bear it. At that time, it was generally in my heart, but I still felt that I could bear it. Life was not easy but there was hope. So at that time, when I saw some people express "negative energy" opinions on the Internet, I said in my heart, "people who are not satisfied with their life will complain about everything on the Internet all day. If they are not living well, they should try to change their lives. Don't always force and rely on the Internet." this is my real idea at that time.

The time when my idea changed was November 2019. The company at that time was not well managed. From even reducing benefits and forcing overtime to finally offering layoffs, many employees "disappeared", and I was no exception. I'll tell you the truth. At that time, I suddenly understood the complaint of "loser" that I had criticized before: I had tried very hard, but the reality still gave me a hard slap in the face. It was not that I didn't have the ability not to work hard to eat and wait for death, but it was the reality that was so oppressive.

Back to the video, I think it's not a problem to cheer up the young people in the festival. After all, life is so difficult, even if there is no voice of encouragement and support, it is really cruel. However, this video did not make me feel "encouraged". On the contrary, it made me feel more miserable. Because the pictures were full of up owners with many fans enjoying the fun of life, such as enjoying VR pleasure, one-day tour in Melbourne, learning foreign languages in iPad pro, wearing Hanfu on the streets of Tokyo... I didn't see the real youth working hard for life, On the contrary, it is a small number of young people who are addicted to material enjoyment. They use these people's lives to "bless" the majority of young people on youth day. Isn't it a merciless mockery of you and me who are struggling in the society? This reminds me of Mr. Zhu Ziqing's sentence: "the bustle is theirs, I have nothing." I think if you really want to cheer us on, it's better to say "it's not so bad" than to force us to say, "no, you're not miserable. You're better off than your parents. You have such a rich and wonderful life. Look at the up owners, That's your life. "This kind of self deception, compulsive optimism has no value than poisonous chicken soup.

I think more, "Bereavement" is common among contemporary young people ", is not a complete self denial and complaining to surrender. It is neither unable to extricate oneself from the boundless sea of suffering, nor sleepless in a dream of intoxication, but facing up to the difficulties in front of us and going on with a peaceful mind. We used to think that we are gifted and omnipotent, but one day we need to realize that we are only mortals and accept ourselves The "can't" of the "can't" of their own "can" do well, worthy of the heart is enough.


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