On the trouble of long distance love

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"It's raining in your city. I'd like to ask if you have an umbrella. But I can't help it because I'm afraid you said you didn't bring it. It's like I love you, but I can't give you the company you want."

                                                                                                          --- Hayao Miyazaki



The little sister in the screenshot of my circle of friends was a colleague of a company when I first came to Shanghai. I always remember a very positive, optimistic, gentle and delicate girl from Nanjing. We can see from the dynamic of various drying in the circle of friends,

When I saw this monologue, I still felt deeply. I saw such a sentence in Zhihu before. How about forgetting the original words

In fact, the biggest problem of long-distance love is not spatial distance, but spiritual distance; The biggest problem of long-distance love is not quarrel, not can not hug, but love each other deeply, but never talk about nothing to say.

Considering the background of the current era, it seems that it is really too difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship,

People say that long-distance love should trust and compromise with each other. We all know the truth, but both sides have different views on things,

On the contrary, blindly compromising will accumulate and become a bigger contradiction. A small problem may also escalate into a big one,

To put it bluntly, we still need to communicate more. Communication is an extremely important thing. Both sides should learn to share with each other. Although we can't meet often, the key is to participate in each other's life.

Of course, from my personal point of view, there are only two points:

More effective communication, try not to pass negative emotions to the other side; Meet more!

It's better to be in a city or in a city. As the saying goes, there are memories only when there are experiences. Otherwise, what topics can be discussed online every day.

Let's talk about something else. It's affected by multiple factors. Recently, I've been thinking about whether to go back to Zhengzhou or my hometown, trying to change my job and change my mood. After all, I can't afford to buy a house in Shanghai, and it's far away from home. Even when I'm such an adult, my parents often worry about myself.

I envy my carefree childhood. The world of adults is nothing more than smiling and caring, and pretending to be carefree and heartless

Ah, it's almost early morning again. After listening to song GE's song, it's time to go to bed

Good night, worker~




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