Docker deploy third party bitwarden password manager

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Self use, open registration,
Welcome to cool an friends to use
Use of questions can be cool an private message or leave a message under this article

If you can't receive mail for a long time, please check the trash can or use the registered email address to Send an email and try to retrieve the verification information again

--Recent updates

2022-11-25 :

Update to the latest vaultwarden / server; At the same time, it fixed the problem that the verification mail could not be sent (caused by the docker content device could not be connected to the Internet)



The following is a description of the self built process with the pagoda panel as an example

1. Get docker image ̶ b ̶ i ̶ t ̶ w ̶ a ̶ r ̶ d ̶ e ̶ n ̶ r ̶ s ̶/̶ s ̶ e ̶ r ̶ v ̶ e ̶ r ̶ (the project is not maintained and has been migrated to vaultwarden)
Vaultwarden / server (the back-end database supports SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL.)
2. Create container
Map port 80 and map container directory / data to a directory of the server to facilitate data backup
In addition, please map the container time zone to be consistent with the local one, and map the / etc / Localtime directory
/Etc / Localtime read only / etc / Localtime
PS: add admin to environment variable_ TOKEN=some_ random_ token_ as_ per_ above_ Explanation to enable the administration page
3. Create a new site and configure the reverse proxy to the port just mapped
Reference example:
 location / { proxy_ pass ; proxy_ set_ header Host $host; proxy_ set_ header X-Real-IP $remote_ addr; proxy_ set_ header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_ add_ x_ forwarded_ for; proxy_ set_ header REMOTE-HOST $remote_ addr; add_ header X-Cache $upstream_ cache_ status; #Set Nginx Cache add_ header Cache-Control no-cache; expires 12h; }
4. Access mode
It can be accessed directly from the web, or by using browser plug-ins, or by the client
The latest client and plug-in, recommended to the official website for download
5. End
Data is priceless!
Please pay attention to backup for daily use!


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