Notes on the deployment of nextcloud by pagoda docker

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For the first time, please install the docker container service in the btpanel application list

After installation, open docker Manager - Image Management - to get the image and get the nextcloud image from the official library

If it is a domestic server, it may be slower to pull the image from the official database. You can configure alicloud's image source at the image acceleration     (super fast)

After the above steps are completed, you can create a container by referring to the following figure to the container list

Description of the red circle in the screenshot:

Port mapping: the container port 80 is exported to the server port (for external access),

Directory mapping, mapping path / var / www / HTML   Please specify the server directory by yourself (convenient for backup and recovery)

At this point, the container is created.

View the container log, wait for the successful startup, and then the firewall will release the specified port. After accessing the server IP: port, you can open nextcloud

If you visit through a domain name without a port, you can use nginx for reverse generation. You can create a new website on the panel and add a direction agent

The installation is complete. Normally, there should be nextcloud related files in the path where the container is mapped to the server directory,

If the project can access the interface normally, the page opened for the first time will be as shown in the figure below,

Create an administrator account, configure the database, select MySQL for subsequent installation,

Subsequent backup should only need to back up the directory mapped by the container and the database used by nextcloud

If you need more detailed installation instructions, please do your own Baidu or Google search, write so much for the time being.


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