Why do friends' websites open so slowly

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Boss Yao, who has been busy for a whole day, came out to bubble in the group today,
Good guy, just post a link,
I don't know. I thought it was an advertisement. If it wasn't for the owner, I would have kicked him out


Click to open a look, also think is what irregular website, unexpectedly is a normal site, white excited
And then I found out, wait a minute, this turtle speed, really redefined "fast"!

Then I got up and started pouring the water cup,
As the content of the web page is cached locally, press F5 to refresh again,
Well, it's very fast this time. I already understand what he means by "fast".


Then the mobile browser opened, after a long wait, the website finally opened

Zhao Jianjian, an enthusiastic group friend, has already sent feedback to Dahei,
However, the cold Yao Laohei didn't believe in evil,
It's the problem of our network garbage

It's time to find a way to hit him in the face,

Let's open this familiar website again

I'm sorry, the wrong point. This is the next one


Look at the debugging window on the right. It takes so long to generate a thumbnail. Why is it so slow? The server performance should not be so bad

We can see that the URL of the original image is the following address when the thumbnail is generated

Visit directly,
Well, it didn't disappoint me. The loading speed of 31.1kb/s is really amazing


So smart friends must have seen that, the complete process is as follows

When I visit his site for the first time, I will generate thumbnails of these articles,
The generation of thumbnails must be to get the complete picture before generating it
But the images pulled from his site,
I don't think you can understand this speed (a 300KB picture will take 10 seconds to get it)

Then visitors have to wait for these thumbnails to regenerate before they can see the home page of the site,
So, of course, it makes sense for the site to open so slowly,
For the second visit, because the browser has a cache of thumbnails, it directly returns the contents of the local cache
So it's very fast to refresh again.

So, how to deal with the problem of pit ratio,
The answer is obvious,
It is known that the performance of the server is OK, but the bandwidth of the upload is insufficient,
So you just need to change the image to the fast server.
I also know that my map server is based on global CDN acceleration,
Wherever it is, it's globally accessible,
What's more, it's still free now,
So using my chart bed can solve this problem perfectly.


However, it is obvious that my plan has been passed

So, is there another way?
Zhao Jianjian said that there was no solution
It seems that this is also a naive, how can there be no solution
The method is very simple, directly modify the server host
Add one www.fzuu.cn
In this case, because of the local circuit,
When generating a thumbnail to request the original image,
You can get it directly. More importantly, because you don't go to the Internet,
So it doesn't take up the Internet bandwidth,
The visit speed of the site will naturally become faster.


If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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