Installed VMware esxi on laptop

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The blog always feels a little bad on raspberry pie,
Simply take advantage of the Dragon Boat Festival at home, directly moved to the old notebook.

In fact, there was a VMware virtual machine on the laptop,
But it's almost impossible for dolls to run a virtual machine,
It's a bit over performance to install Linux directly into the laptop, and it's not easy to manage it remotely,
It's impossible to use two systems at the same time, and it seems to be more troublesome...

After much consideration, we finally decided to use esxi to build a virtualization platform to virtualize the whole laptop,
As for why esxi is used to, the reason is very simple. VMware Workstation virtual machine is used to it. The products of VMware home are relatively easy to use,
Moreover, there are many articles related to VMware esxi on the Internet, and it is easy to solve the problems (draw the key points).


After installing VMware esxi normally,
Or the next IP address of the router is recommended to be bound to the network
After the configuration is completed, you can view the management interface by accessing the IP address displayed on the chrome interface.





The installation process is not as smooth as expected, because the ISO image downloaded from the official website cannot be successfully installed because the network card of the device is not in the support list,

It is necessary to add a third-party driver here
It is recommended to use esxi customizer PS with VMware powercli tools to specify the network card driver online and specify the VMware esxi version image to package and download,
You can also directly search Google for "VMware esxi network card driver" and other keywords. You should be able to query a lot of tutorials. Here is not so much nonsense.

Let me talk about the configuration of my laptop. The model is Shenzhou k650d i7d3,
Copy a copy directly from Zhongguancun, and the configuration is as follows

Shenzhou Zhanshen k650d-i7d3

Parameter specification

Basic parameters
Time to market April 2015
product type household
product positioning Game book, video entertainment book
Motherboard chipset Intel HM86
CPU series Intel i7 series
CPU model Intel Core i7 4710mq
Main frequency of CPU 2.5GHz
The highest frequency 3.5GHz
Number of cores / threads Eight core threads
Level 3 cache 6MB
Bus specifications DMI 5 GT/s
Core architecture Haswell
Process technology 22nm
power waste 47W
storage device
Memory capacity 4GB(4GB×1)
Memory type Ddr3l (low voltage version) 1600MHZ
Number of slots 2xSO-DIMM
Maximum memory capacity 16GB
Hard disk capacity 500GB
Hard disk description 7200 rpm
Optical drive type Built in DVD recorder
Touch screen Touch not supported
Screen size 15.6 in
display scale 16:9
Screen resolution 1920x1080
Screen technology FHD, LED backlight, IPS full high clear screen
Video card
Graphics card type Dual graphics card (performance level independent graphics card + integrated graphics card)
Graphics chip NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M+Intel GMA HD 4600
Memory capacity 2GB
Video memory type GDDR3
Memory interface 128bit
Multimedia equipment
camera Integrated 1 megapixel camera
Audio system Built in sound chip
speaker Stereo speakers
Microphone Built-in microphone
Network Communications
wireless network adapter Support 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol
Wired network card 1000Mbps Ethernet card
I / O interface
data interface 1 × USB2.0 + 2 × USB3.0 (one of the E-SATA shared interfaces)
Video interface VGA,HDMI
audio interface Headphone output port, microphone input interface
Other interfaces RJ45 (network interface), power interface
card reader 4-in-1 card reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC)
input device
Pointing device Touch Pad
Keyboard description chiclet keyboard
Description of power supply
Battery type 6-cell lithium battery, 4400 Ma
Endurance time It depends on the specific use environment
The power adapter 100v-240v adaptive AC power adapter
Notebook weight 2.3Kg
length 374mm
width 250mm
thickness 29mm
Shell material Composite material
Shell description gray
Attached software Attached software
Notebook accessories
Packing list Notebook host x1
Battery x1
Power adapter x1
Power cord x1
Instruction manual x1
Warranty card x1
Warranty Information
warranty policy National joint guarantee, enjoy three guarantees service
Warranty period 2 years
Warranty remarks 2 years for main parts, 6 months for batteries and 1 year free warranty for other parts
customer service telephone numbers 400-106-9999
Telephone notes 9: 00-18:00 (holiday break)
Details Shenzhou notebook computer implements the service mode of customer sending for repair. Since the date of purchase (subject to the official purchase invoice), if any non-human hardware failure occurs in the Shenzhou household notebook you purchased, you can enjoy 2 years of free warranty for main parts, 6 months of random battery and 1 year of other parts. Including the main board, CPU, hard disk, main board, CPU, hard disk. After receiving your faulty products, Shenzhou computer and authorized service station will inspect and repair as soon as possible, but the repair time will depend on the actual local material preparation. Go to the official website > >
Data sources: Zhongguancun Online quotation Center  (

This laptop is still 16 years old. It's a 4000 yuan game book, with SSD and memory,
Now the configuration is 12g memory, 120g solid-state + 1t digital black disk
It must be enough to run a few virtual machines. The overall performance is OK,
Of course, it takes a while to see how the experience works,
No matter how bad it is, it must be better than the shrinking cloud servers of all kinds of clouds in China...


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