Apply for IPv6 internal test qualification of Tencent cloud CDN

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Tencent cloud CDN IPv6 qualification has been open for internal test application, you can apply for it if you need
Page application address:

Simply fill in and wait for review
If you want to purchase IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack server, you can also apply in this page

Attach the application addresses of other cloud vendors

Alibaba cloud IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack public test application:

Baidu cloud IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack public test application:

IPv6 / Huawei dual stack application:


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Article review

  • Yang Jingwen

    Boss, have you got the result of your application? I haven't received any reply from Tencent cloud

    August 8, 2020
    • Gcod

      @Yang Jingwen Emmm, my application was rejected...

      August 8, 2020
      • Yang Jingwen


        @Gcod Boss, now you can issue work order to enable customer service background to open IPv6, I have applied for it.

        October 14, 2020
        • Gcod

          @Yang Jingwen I tried to issue a work order and applied for it. Thank you very much.

          October 21, 2020