[20-03-08] qq9.23 green + display IP + anti withdrawal version

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 Screenshot of q2020

Greening Based on qq9.23 + ntr6.2.0
For learning and communication only~

Update Description:

PC version 9.23


  • New version of QQ, help to carry out online teaching easily!
  • -Group chat adds "group class" function, which can be participated by mobile phone and computer;
  • -Support the sharing of screens by region, multi terminal intercommunication of mobile phones and computers, and easily launch online teaching / conference;
  • -Multi person voice and video, mute all members can turn off the member camera, multi person interaction is more orderly;
  • -For homework of home school group, new graffiti red pen and score are added, marking is more clear.
  • Download address

    Baidu cloud:
    Blue playing cloud:
    https://www.lanzous.com/ia1fd2b (recommended)

The latest version is recommended~


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     :redface: Elder brother, used second QQ to freeze, too frightening...

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      @Card information card Updated~
      Please download and experience the latest version

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    Who can use this one...

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