Synchronous classroom series of famous schools - live broadcast of all grades

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Live broadcast of synchronous classroom in famous schools:

Mobile device end:

Wechat client internal access code=72

Bind mobile phone number

PC side method:

primary school
one id=245&tenant_ code=72
two id=278&tenant_ code=72
three id=279&tenant_ code=72
four id=280&tenant_ code=72
five id=282&tenant_ code=72
six id=283&tenant_ code=72

junior middle school
one id=285&tenant_ code=72
two id=286&tenant_ code=72
three id=287&tenant_ code=72

high school
one id=288&tenant_ code=72
two id=289&tenant_ code=72
three id=290&tenant_ code=72

If you can't register your account without wechat, you can use the following test users

Test account 123 password 123456


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