Using external featured image plug-in for WordPress: Nelio external featured image

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At ordinary times, we will add special pictures to the articles to make the articles look better. Some WordPress Themes will display the featured pictures as thumbnails. The special pictures brought by WP must be uploaded to our own server. This not only takes up the memory bandwidth of the server, but also greatly affects the loading speed of the website.

Nelio external featured image is a plug-in that sets characteristic pictures into external chain pictures, which can not only reduce the pressure on the server, but also improve the loading speed of the website

Plug in required

Nelio External Featured Image

Install plug-ins directly in the background and search to install them

Other instructions

The plug-in settings are very simple. After background installation, there is an external feature image in the lower right corner of the page where the feature image was added. Paste the image address into it directly.


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