Meizu's marketing plan is real

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Meizu, as the only mobile phone manufacturer in China that will be scolded for its price cut,
This Jingdong 618 marketing is really a failure,

There must be a reason for everything. No matter under the pressure of survival, and whether it is a marketing strategy or not, you must also understand kerosene,
However, Huang Zhang once personally said that Meizu 16s was priced aggressively and maintained its value.
However, whether to preserve the value?
Some netizens in Meizu Community and Ku'an have answered me very well:
Why does the most popular fan post a comment on the forum? Because in history and in the foreseeable future, there is no flagship machine from any manufacturer that can be sold at a discount of 85% a month! Huang Zhang said that he could not afford to lose when he started, so he priced 3198. In less than 50 days, he began to sell at a discount of 85%. Only those who bought the first round would be fooled by Meizu! This is the root of the problem, not that you can't cut the price.

As far as the price cut is concerned,
Obviously, there is so much room for price reduction, but we have to kill him to buy him the starting charm. Why not start from 2896 when pricing? Since 2998? Now, if it drops to 200 or 300, how many people will make noise? More than 16s, it can be said that all the flagship series after Meizu Por7 are the least value preserving, which is also the reason why offline physical stores cannot continue to open. Many people do not buy them, nor can they experience the feeling of being played by Meizu. 500 yuan is not too much, not too much, not too much. Most of the kerosene is from the student party, migrant workers, and no one's money is picked up by him, In the future, several people will go to Meizu's mobile phones.

There is also the problem of compensation. The mobile phone will not be reduced by 500, but the compensation coupon will also play such tricks. The compensation for riding a horse will be good, and a lot of routines will be played. First, the value of 500 will be changed to the total value of 500, then 3000 will be used for 3002000, and then 200 will be used. This means that after buying a 16s initial user, if you spend 3198 (the minimum configuration) to buy it, you will spend 3198+3000+2000 now, Only 8198 can enjoy the discount of 500 phone purchase coupons. Is there a package in the head of the horse?! This is not to force the first regular users to feed shit is what?
Pursue more than, from love, love more than, forced to feed shit.
 Pursuit comes from love _ more than love, forced feeding fece.jpg
To quote Boss Huang, bitches despise their own industries.
Before the release of the 16s, he started to complain about friends and businesses, and now he has been slapping his face.
This is really ugly! Eat the meat and drink the blood of old users, and then test the IQ of our old users?
I'm not afraid that the machine can't be sold. What I fear most is that it even has a bad reputation!
Even if your product is not poor! Who dares to start buying? I will wait for you to reduce the price and buy it in such a cycle! Can you really carry the small factory?
Grievance for their misfortune, anger for their indifference,
Meizu's marketing plan is constantly exploring on the edge of the cliff,
As the saying goes, water can carry a boat and also can destroy it,
Meizu, who can't afford to lose, costs 300 yuan and drops 700 yuan per month,
It looks like the future is bright.

Alas, my heart is cold~


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