The marketing plan of Meizu is really coquettish

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Meizu, as the only mobile phone manufacturer in China who will be criticized for its price reduction,
This time, Jingdong 618 marketing is really a failure,

Everything happens for a reason. No matter under the pressure of survival and whether it's a marketing strategy, you can understand it,
However, Huang Zhang once said that the pricing of Meizu 16S was radical, and the value was preserved.
However, is the value preserved?
Some netizens in Meizu community and ku'an have answered in a proper way
Why do so many Meiyou who buy first-line products post in the forum to denounce? Because in history and in the foreseeable future, there is no one manufacturer's flagship aircraft that has been on sale at a discount of 85% a month. At the time of the launch, Huang Zhang said that he couldn't afford to lose, so the price was set at 3198. In less than 50 days, people who bought the first round would be played by Meizu as monkeys. This is the root of the problem, It's not that you can't lower your price.

As far as the price reduction is concerned,
Obviously, there is such a big price reduction space, but the starter has to kill a knife to buy him a starting charm friend. Why not set the price at 2896? 2998? Now, if we drop it by two or three hundred, how many people will make a noise? More than 16S. It can be said that all the flagship series of Meizu por7 are the most unsophisticated. This is also the reason why offline stores can't be opened. Many people don't buy it, and they can't experience the feeling of being played by the Meizu. For 500 yuan, most of the kerosene is the student party, the migrant workers, who don't pick up their money, and they play with it like this, In the future, there will be several people going to Meizu's mobile phone.

There is also the problem of compensation. If the mobile phone is reduced by 500, the compensation coupon still plays this trick. The compensation for stepping on the horse is compensated, and a lot of routines are played. First, the value of 500 is changed to the total value of 500, and then 3000 can be used with 300 and 2000, which means that after buying the 16S first-time user, assuming that it costs 3198 (the lowest configuration), now it will cost 3198 + 3000 + 2000, totally, 8198 can enjoy 5 00 purchase ticket discount, this step horse brain has a bag, this is called thanks to old users?! Isn't it forced feeding excrement to the first regular users?
Pursue more than, from love, love more than, forced feeding excrement.
 Pursuit comes from love_ Love more than, force feed excrement.jpg
To quote the words of boss Huang, bitches are cheap to themselves and cheap to industries.
Before the release of 16S, he talked about friends and businessmen, and now he is not long in the face.
It's really ugly! Eat the meat of the old users, drink the blood of the old users, and then test the IQ of our old users?
I'm not afraid that the machine can't be sold. What I'm afraid of most is that it even has a bad reputation!
Even if your product is not bad! Who dares to buy in the first place? Wait for you to reduce the price to buy, so cycle! Can you really handle the small factory?
Mourn for their misfortune, anger and insensitivity,
Meizu's marketing plan is constantly on the edge of the cliff,
As the saying goes, water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn a boat,
The Meizu, who can't afford to lose money, is expensive at 300 yuan and has a monthly drop of 700 yuan,
It looks like a bright future.

Oh, my heart is cold~


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