K3-lede Unicom dual line configuration record reference

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Unicom broadband is about to expire, taking advantage of the end of the year's major operators to engage in activities
99 yuan for a 100m optical fiber / half a year
10 yuan Unicom 50 trillion / year
(originally it was 100 megabytes, but the maximum access bandwidth of this old community is only 50 megabytes.)
The initial idea is to make a double line
The main equipment used is the overturned Feixun K3 and the Lele firmware,
Emmm, openwrt to be exact, don't care about these details!
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Unicom is OK to say, used to be, direct route dialing is OK
Telecom has been a bit troublesome. Shanghai Telecom is now using a new light cat,
What's more, there is nothing in the setting interface, and you can't see the basic port forwarding
After consulting the broadband guy, I want to have a look at the super density of the lightcat,
Notification of results
At present, Telecom is a new and old system. All the configuration of this optical cat is issued by the platform,
If you want to change the bridge, you have to contact 10000 complaints and feedback, and then report it to the police. I have been waiting for several days
Today is finally OK,

Open up

The following configuration information is for reference only
Please modify according to your own network environment

My idea is
Router native WAN port connected to Unicom line
Then lan3 is used as wan2 to connect with telecommunication
Add a new VLAN, and add 3 new VLANs in the figure
 QQ screenshot 20181225213905.png

Create a new WAN interface and select include interface 0.3 (i.e. VLAN newly divided)
Firewall area selection Wan
(remember to change the default hop number. I wrote it casually here, one 40 and one 41. It seems that the problem is not big.)
 QQ screenshot 20181225214035.png
 QQ screenshot 20181225214145.png

load balancing
Choose two Wan names for the shared name. If you are not clear, you can log in to the router and check it yourself

 cat /etc/config/network

 QQ screenshot 20181225230532.png
You can choose any member name you like, and select the two Wan ports in the figure above
 QQ screenshot 20181225230552.png

I only keep a balanced strategy here
Then add the two members in the above figure
 QQ screenshot 20181225230559.png
Save and apply! If IPv6 doesn't have a network,
Change the spare members in the last step to use the primary routing table

That's about it,
It's not a big problem,
If there is a problem, please correct it.



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