Screen Command Simple Usage Example

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Create a new session
#Example: Create cronname
screen -S cronname
List All
screen -ls
Pause session
#C-a d in the session window
Ctrl+a and d
Offline a job
#Take cronname offline
screen -d cronname
Resume a session
#Resume session cronname
screen -r cronname
Resume offline jobs
#Resume session cronname
screen -x cronname
#This command can also be used for session sharing,
You can also see the current content synchronously on other devices (just like sitting in front of the screen)
End the session

#Do not enter, exit directly
screen -X -S cronname quit;
#Other methods
#List All sessions and view the process ID
screen -ls
#Kill the process
screen -X -S cronname quit;
Assuming that the session AAA is executing on terminal A,
At this point,
To continue the session on terminal B,
You can screen - d AAA first
Then screen - r AAA

Session AAA is executed on terminal A,
You want to keep terminal A displayed
View on terminal B and use
screen -x AAA
It can achieve the effect of sharing display.

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