Simple usage example of screen command

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Create a new session
#Example: creating cronname
screen -S cronname
List all
screen -ls
Pause session
#C-A D in session window
CTRL + a then d
Offline a job
#Take cronname offline
screen -d cronname
Resume a session
#Resume session cronname
screen -r cronname
Resume offline job
#Resume session cronname
screen -x cronname
#This command can also be used for session sharing,
You can also see the current content on other devices (just like sitting in front of the screen)
End the session

#No entry, exit directly
screen -X -S cronname quit;
#Other methods
#List all sessions and view the process ID
screen -ls
#Kill the process
screen -X -S cronname quit;
Suppose session AAA is in terminal a execution,
At this point,
You want to continue the session at terminal B,
You can screen - D AAA first
Then screen - R AAA
That's fine.

Session AAA is executed at terminal a,
You want to keep the display of terminal a in the state of
Terminal B view, you can use
screen -x AAA
Can achieve the effect of shared display.

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