Guo Degang's way of dealing with the world: it's true to have one's own ability, and it's not a long time to expect others

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Guo Degang, a non famous cross talk actor, recently published another book: Guo Lun.
Guo Degang's first book, originally called "people in the lake and lake", was renamed "just in time" after the editor's persuasion.
Guo Degang is a member of the people's Republic of China. In this regard, he did not shy away.
He said that the so-called "spirit of the river and the lake" is the concentration of traditional Chinese culture, including loyalty, filial piety, courtesy, wisdom and faith, as well as the emperor and teacher of heaven and earth.
What makes Guo Degang successful is the rivers and lakes; What shaped Guo Degang was loyalty, filial piety, benevolence and righteousness.
His experience of success, disappointment, reading experience and life experience are all in these two books.
Today, zhe Kongkong of the book list team takes these two books as the blueprint to reveal the secret of Guo Degang.

1、 Cross talk is to eat

What is the most important thing for a person to live a lifetime? having dinner
Chopsticks are tools for eating.
The head of chopsticks is round, symbolizing the sky, and the tail of chopsticks is square, symbolizing the place of the sky. In the eight trigrams, the head of chopsticks is Qian Gua. Qian is heaven. If you use chopsticks to pick up rice and send it to your mouth, food is the most important thing for people.
In the simple Chinese values, eating is the top priority, because it is related to survival, and happiness is to eat better.
Guo Degang came to Beijing to eat.

Just arrived in the capital, old Guo lived in the green tower, the location is very partial. There was only one bed, one chair, and one Mazar. At that time, Guo Degang was engaged in writing, which was to take a Mazar, sit by the bed and write hard.
Because of his lack of money, Guo Degang has traveled to many places, such as Haidian, Tongzhou and Daxing. He can go wherever it is cheap.
For a time, Guo Degang lived in beiyangwa, Tongxian county. He couldn't afford to pay his rent. The landlord blocked the door, banging on the door, kicking and scolding. Lao Guo was hiding in the house, and the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound.

In order to save money, Guo Degang made his own recipe. Go to the market to buy a bundle of green onions, and then buy a few packets of noodles, go back to the place of residence, boil the noodles in a pot of boiling water, until it is rotten, it becomes a pot of paste, and then put some sauce in it, even if it is done well.

Every day to the meal point, this pot of paste hot, take the onion to eat. Despite the general food, Guo Degang was quite happy. He said that he ate very nutritious, including vitamins - green onions, but also carbohydrates - noodles.

There is a small Pingju troupe near Puhuang elm, which can seat 40 or 50 people. Guo Degang went to the show and agreed to pay 1000 yuan a month. Unexpectedly, he sang for two months and didn't give a cent.

Guo Degang lived in Daxing at that time. He went to work every day and rode a broken bicycle. He had a broken tire. He was reluctant to pay for it. He had to take three breaths for a round trip. Later, bicycles were scrapped and replaced by buses.

Once, after a night show, there was no bus, so Guo Degang had to walk home.

Walking to the Xihongmen bridge, big trucks one by one, shuttle by. Guo Degang moved forward step by step along the curb less than a foot wide, holding the railing, and by the light of the lamp.

At midnight, Guo Degang was standing on the bridge with no one around. Looking up, he saw a few stars and a waning moon. Think of the past hard, uncertain future, nose a sour, tears Susu and down.

Guo Degang cried and recited Mencius to cheer himself up. The sky would fall on such people. He had to work hard at his heart and bones and starve his body and skin.

For many years, Guo Degang has never cried. This is only once.

He said to himself, Guo Degang, you remember that everything today is your eternal capital, and you must succeed.

By chance, Guo Degang passed a teahouse in Nancheng. He saw a group of children talking about cross talk in the teahouse. He thought, "I came here for this, so I can't move any more.".

Since then, Guo Degang has become a frequent visitor to the teahouse, and he also talks about it from time to time. A piece of paper was pasted on the wall of the teahouse, listening to crosstalk and listening to storytelling, two yuan for each. Guo Degang brought crosstalk back to the theater, which had something to do with his early experience.

When he first opened the theater, Guo Degang made a rule that even if there was only one audience, he would have to follow suit.

One day, only one audience came to the theater of two or three hundred people. The old man, Xing Wenzhao, Liu Baorui's disciple, stood there and talked about a stand up crosstalk, one on the stage and one under the stage.

After half speaking, the audience's cell phone rings. The old man stops and looks at him. The audience also felt embarrassed. After answering, they said a few words and hung up in a hurry to continue listening to the crosstalk.

When Guo Degang came on the stage, he pointed to the audience and said, "you have to listen to crosstalk well. You must say hello when you go to the toilet. You can't run today. There are more people in my backstage than you.

The audience laughed. Guo Degang also laughed, laughing into tears.

Another time, Guangde tower performance, winter, snow. In the afternoon, the market broke up and only a dozen tickets were sold. Guo Degang counted the ticket money and took out 200 yuan from his pocket to buy a lunch box for everyone.

After the lunch box, we stood at the door in the wind and snow, holding bamboo poles, quacking, listening to cross talk, listening to cross talk. As soon as someone comes in, he goes straight backstage, puts on his coat and talks immediately.

Guo Degang is willing to do this, so he doesn't feel bitter, but he needs a partner of the same spirit to work with him.

When eating, five fingers holding two chopsticks, must support each other, in order to eat into the mouth. The same is true of people's life. A single silk does not form a thread, and a solitary tree does not form a forest. If a person has no assistance, he can't accomplish anything.

Since Guo Degang talked about cross talk in a teahouse in 1995, to the great success of Deyun society, in this process, some people left after two days, some quit because they didn't make money, and others insisted on.

Guo Degang said that at the beginning, I didn't know it would be so popular today, and I didn't think about what it would be like to stick to it. It's just a matter of pushing a car when it's dark.

Today's Guo Degang, long past the era of green onion noodles, no matter what you want to eat, you can do what you want.

During the Shanghai commercial performance, the tickets of the 10000 people's hall were sold out on the same day. The organizers arranged a crab feast with small steamed buns and crab meat, which were delicious.

Finally, he served a dumpling. Guo Degang thought it was black sesame or bean paste. When he bit it open, he found that it was filled with crab.

Guo Degang has a problem with his meal, regardless of what kind of delicacies he eats, there must be two small dishes of pickled vegetables on the table. His hobby is the same as Jin Wensheng, his storyteller.

In addition to eating pickles, Guo Degang also likes pickles. As long as he had spare time, he would run to the vegetable market, buy all kinds of radish and squeeze the head of vegetables, and then he would pickle them when he came back.

"Caigen Tan" said that chewing Caigen, everything can be done.

Guo Degang, who came out of poverty, must have understood this truth.

2、 Traditional disciples

Guo Degang has a strong side in his bones.

He said: wealth and longevity, heaven is the master of me; I can't make up my mind.

In Guo Lun, he wrote about Du Shi Niang and Zhang's sisters in the Republic of China, all of whom were famous martyrs.

Fortitude comes from the immersion of traditional culture.

Guo Degang said that although some people in the outside world described me like a bandit, I was actually a scholar and a scholar.

As soon as he was free, Guo Degang went to his study. He loved classical literature, Twenty-Four Histories, four famous works and folk notes.

He read books not for decoration, but to enrich his mind and understand what life is all about.

Guo Degang said that my son, Guo Qilin, dropped out of school on the third day of junior high school to talk about cross talk. But you should know that my study is bigger than the theater. If you can tell the books, I can immediately show them to you from the study.

No diploma, no education, no school, no study.

For some time, Guo Degang assigned his son homework to read "twenty four histories" and "draft of Qing history.". He said to his son, "I can't give you a diploma after you finish reading these books, but these principles will benefit you all your life.".

In traditional culture, there is a very important concept: Tao.

The ancients believed that all things in the world follow the Tao without exception. It does not live and die, has no beginning and no end, its big without outside, its small without inside, eternal unchanged.

There is a fable in Zhuangzi. Dongguozi asks Zhuangzi for advice. Where does Tao exist? Chuang Tzu said, "everywhere.".

Dongguozi asked him to be more specific. Zhuangzi said four places: Mole ants, grass mustard, bricks and tiles, and feces drowning. One is worse than the other.

Chuang Tzu said this not because of his strong taste, but to show that Tao is everywhere, even in the lowest things, there is Tao.

In traditional culture, the pursuit of Tao is related to the dignity of life and the significance of existence. It is said that if you hear about Tao in the morning, you can die at night.

Crosstalk is the Tao of Guo Degang.

Up to now, Guo Degang can't drink, smoke, play cards, dance or socialize. He talks about cross talk on the stage and ponders it off the stage.

Guo Degang said that some people use crosstalk as a craft to support their families, just like shaving their heads and trimming their feet. Some people use crosstalk as toys and put them off for a while, but for me, this is my life.

In Guo Degang's opinion, traditional crosstalk is not only for the sake of daoliangmou, but also for the belief of promoting Taoism.

In the age of market and AI century, Guo Degang and his crosstalk, with the help of the latest media and cutting-edge technology, make movies, go on variety shows and be hosts. They are very busy and dare not neglect for a moment.

Because he understood that Wen's death is loyalty, military death is fierce, and female death is chastity. Now, when it comes to cross talk, it's because you can't sell tickets.

honour the teacher and respect his teaching. In front of the "important road" is "respecting teachers".

On June 23, 2007, Guo Degang went to Anhui to record variety shows. He suddenly received a phone call and learned that his mentor Hou Yaowen had died. After hanging up the phone, Guo Degang burst into tears and immediately called Deyun society to arrange the funeral.

Early in the morning of June 24, Guo Degang took the first flight with Yu Qian and returned to Beijing. When the car was driving on the highway, Yu Qian wept and said with a choking voice that the old man was too cruel

Hou Yaowen was just 59 years old. On his birthday on July 17, Guo Degang had already reserved a hotel to celebrate his master's 60th birthday. However, it was God's will that made him leave so early.

Guo Degang and Yu Qian cried all the way to the rose garden. After getting off the bus, the martial brothers gathered around and rushed into the hall of mourning.

After seeing Hou Yaowen off at Babaoshan, on the way back, Guo Degang could not hide his grief, and his disciple Kong Yunlong comforted him again and again.

Guo Degang sighed, "master and apprentice are like father and son. How can they not feel pain? One day I die, and you can cry like this, and I will be worth it.".

Before Guo Degang finished his speech, Kong Yunlong was in tears.

3、 People in the world can afford to put down

Guo Degang in "just in time" satirizes the public like a King Kong with angry eyes; Guo Degang in Guo Lun talks about history and culture, and is more humble and good at eyes.

For example, Guo Degang explained the word "Lun" in the title more than once. He said, Guo Lun's theory is really not worthy. I just want to learn from each other, and I dare not claim to compete with you. At most, it is a report.

In fact, there is no contradiction. Honesty and humility are two sides of traditional culture.

In Guo Degang's words, the children of the river and lake can be taken up and put down. If you can't put it down, you have to. Few people who live to be 100 years old laugh when they are happy, and laugh later when they are unhappy.

Life in the world is to make people laugh, and occasionally laugh at others.

Once, a friend visited and said that a website scolded Guo Degang for buying fans and carrying a sedan chair for himself.

After hearing this, Guo Degang gave a smile and did not agree. He just advised his friends to drink tea and talked about his recent discovery: when stir frying shrimp with cucumber, pickle the melon slices thoroughly with salt, and then fry them again. It tastes more delicious.

Guo Degang used this optimistic attitude to persuade his friends and disciples.

Once, a disciple posted a microblog and was scolded in a comment. He was so angry that he tried his best to scold him back.

Guo Degang gave him two ideas: first, he was blackmailed. Since we can't get together, why should we be tired? Second, it's right to praise each other.

Disciple Bai Si couldn't understand it. Guo Degang gave him an example. Two people bet ten yuan to guess whether Zhuge Liang and Kong Ming are the same person.

Then, if one side insists on two people, the other side may as well admit defeat. In this way, he can make the other party confused for a lifetime with only ten yuan.

A few years ago, when he mentioned some rumors about him in the society, Guo Degang was still indignant. Now, he compiled these anecdotes into a paragraph and wrote them into a book.

For a period of time, under the influence of Guo Degang and Yu Qian, Deyun society was popular in playing walnut. It's a game of walnuts, not the kind of ordinary walnuts you eat. There are many kinds of walnuts, such as lion's head, big chicken's heart, childe's cap and so on.

Cultural walnut is valuable because of its scarcity. For example, on a mountain, there may be only one tree, which can pick out two identical walnuts.

After hearing that Guo Degang and Yu Qian played with walnuts, many vendors of cultural and recreational walnuts gave out their opinions from time to time

oh dear! We sold a pair of walnuts yesterday at a price of 300000, which was bought by Guo Degang. Another pair of 400000 was bought by Yu Qian.

Someone tried to prove it to Guo Degang. Guo said with a smile that it's all rumor. We have never spent such unjust money. No matter how much I love it, I can't love it to this extent.

It's just that people are willing to believe it when it gets out, and it has a nose and an eye.

Some even said that he had seen Yu Qian come to buy walnuts and carry a box full of money. The number of each money was still connected. According to him, did Yu Qian dare to rob the bank?

Guo Degang's seemingly understatement of ridicule comes from his past complex experience and classic books.

How many roads a man has to walk and how many books he has to read, so as Su Shi said, he will not be surprised when he dies, and he will not be angry for no reason.

Zhang wenshun once told Guo Degang that he could not survive without an enemy. A person is not wronged, wronged, misunderstood, this life is not perfect.

Guo Degang, 45, probably has a deeper understanding of this sentence.

Recently, Guo Degang has hosted a variety show called cross talk with a new man.

Looking down all the way, I felt a little disappointed that there was no new comer in cross talk, and the name seemed to be an irony.

Once, when the host Bai Yansheng had dinner with Ma Ji, someone asked Ma Ji, is Chinese cross talk declining? Ma Ji didn't speak for a long time, but the man continued to ask. Ma Ji raised his head and said, isn't there Guo Degang?

Indeed, there is Guo Degang in crosstalk. But it is not easy to be Guo Degang?

Guo Degang has roots. His roots are deeply rooted in traditional culture.

The positive and positive things in traditional culture have benefited Guo Degang a lot, at least giving him three advantages

The survival wisdom of being born of hardship and dying of ease;

The place of Tao is the firm belief of thousands of people;

And the optimistic attitude of Ren Ping.

As Guo Degang himself said, crosstalk circles have a strong sense of fame and wealth, but it's very difficult to become a role!

Three points of ability, six points of luck, one point of noble support.

The so-called time also, luck also, life also!


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