Unicom's IPv6 seems to have no speed limit

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Yesterday, I searched the Internet for IPv6 speed measurement,
We found the top speed measuring station of CUHK,
And then sadly found that their download rate is only 1Mbps
(yes, I believe it ~)
Until just now, I found that the world is so beautiful
Shanghai Unicom, access to cloudflare IPv6 node, delay about 75ms
Download rate is normal, stable run full 50 megabytes
Great experience
With IPv6 access conditions
You can download an image at will to see how the download rate is
It should be noted that only IPv6 access is supported!

By the way, post Shanghai Unicom's IPv6 access posture
Take Lede (openwrt) as an example (different versions may be slightly different),
After PPPoE of WAN interface dials normally,
In addition to this conventional Wan line,
There will also be an additional virtual dynamic interface (DHCPv6 client)
At this time, you can SSH log in to the router,
Can the IPv6 Router connect to the network normally

For example, Ping some public DNS

 #China Public IPv6 DNS ping 240C::6666   #CNNIC IPv6 DNS ping 2001:dc7:1000::1   #BaiDu Public IPv6 DNS ping 2400:da00::6666   #Google Public IPv6 DNS ping 2001:4860:4860::8888   #Cloudflare IPv6 DNS ping 2606:4700:4700::1111


 curl ipv6. ip. sb  curl checkipv6. dyndns. com

If everything is OK, edit the LAN port configuration
Go to network / interface / LAN
General settings inside / advanced settings
Uncheck use built-in IPv6 management

DHCP server settings / IPv6 settings
Notification server routing mode
DHCPv6 service server mode
Refer to the figure below

Save and apply, restart router
Windows 10 is normally assigned to IPv6 address

open Test
Ojbk, get it
And then the problem comes again,
Android devices do not support dhcp6,
Do you have any good method to refer to
Can let Android device get public IPv6 address

Supplement at 13:00, September 25, 2018
Under the guidance of V2 boss
After changing the DHCPv6 mode in the above steps to stateless
Android devices can normally get the IPv6 address


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