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The details are not listed for the time being, and they will be sorted out later

Install basic software

Node. js

Start installing hexo

Use the following command to install hexo

npm install -g hexo-cli

Create hexo folder

hexo init <folder>

Enter the directory

cd <folder>


npm instal

to configure

Modify site profile

The configuration file name is:
_ config. yml

Modify theme profile

The topic is located in themes Under the table of contents
file name
_ config. yml

Install some additional plug-ins

Chinese link to Pinyin
Plug in address
Default configuration of the site
(edit the site root directory _config.yml to add)

 permalink_ pinyin: enable: true separator: '-' # default: '-'


Converting WordPress articles

go online

Trusteeship to reliable places.


General Command

New post (the default value of layout is post)
hexo new [layout] <title>

Generate static files (hexo G can be abbreviated)
hexo generate

Start debugging (local 4000 port preview can be accessed via HTTP protocol)
hexo server --debug

Clean up generated cache files
hexo clean

List website information (type can be post, page, etc.)
hexo list <type>

reference resources:
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