Testsdt.sys TP security component module file causes Win10 blue screen

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In win10 1803
I often encounter this error, which is disgusting
After analyzing the dmp, it is found that the culprit is tesrsdt.sys
Tesrsdt.sys is a Tencent TP game protection driver,
Think about giving feedback to Tencent, but the result is totally unexpected
Tencent's feedback channel is simply rubbish among rubbish
Feedback from the computer butler forum, told that it was not driven by the computer butler
WeGame official website feedback, the feedback page is blank
WeGame client feedback this problem, no one accepted it for a long time
Anyway, it's all irrelevant. The user experience is 0

After complaining, say the temporary solution:
Refer to Baidu Post Bar Dungeons and Warriors Bar
Method given on the 7th floor
Edit the file using tools such as Notepad
Delete all contents and save (Ctrl+A, select all and delete)
Then select the file and right-click to change the attribute to read-only
(If you are prompted that you cannot save after editing, you can save it as a desktop, and then copy it to that directory to overwrite it. Finally, remember that the permission is read-only)


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