Survival of the Jedi stimulates the battlefield to open the highest picture quality and high frame rate

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The software to be installed is as follows:

Application variables (camouflage mobile phone model)

GL toolbox (camouflage GPU and other information)

Model camouflage:

For example, disguised as millet 6

Modify the mobile phone manufacturer to Xiaomi and the mobile phone model to MI 6

Save and take effect.

Configuration description of GL Toolbox:

For the first time, it is recommended to swipe in through the third-party rec card (if you can't power on, please swipe the uninstall package generated by the root directory in the REC)

Please configure other parameters according to the figure below

Check Enable custom configuration

Check Enable GPU information emulation

Using templates GPU:Adreno 530

Then manually modify the bottom Simulation renderers Version of

take five hundred and thirty Change to 540

That's the end

The effect picture is as follows:

HDR HD can be turned on

And very high frame rate


However, hardware is the standard configuration for games to run smoothly~

Facts have proved: forced installation of X may cause the mobile phone to get stuck, heat up and speed up power consumption.


Attachment Download:

See the beginning of the article (click the software name to download)


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    Ah, Shanzhai machines play chicken eating games, but also open the highest picture quality and high frame rate. Do you want the rest of my mobile phone's life

    July 28, 2018
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    I can't afford it

    July 15, 2018
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    I downloaded the Jedi survival to h1z1 and never played chicken eating again

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