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Data from Ku'an netizens @Little yellow flower of the story bb A mobile phone profiteer was exposed, and the phone was completely scrapped after being repaired. The Meilan note6 card balloon could not get into the rec, so it was sent for repair. Then the repaired motherboard was scrapped, and the cup was broken. It was estimated that the motherboard was replaced, and I wanted to recycle my phone at 50. Taobao customer service complained that it was useless. I thought I was unlucky! Shop name: Dongpeng mobile phone maintenance.. Please help me forward and expose the profiteering merchants. The students had no money and were trapped. They felt sad and wanted to cry.


Taobao is so deep. It's clearly a matter of brushing threads and bags. Alas~

The store information is as follows

Store name: Dongpeng Mobile Phone Maintenance

Shop homepage:

Shopkeeper: pcxing888

Mobile: 13418480005



If life is just like the first sight, what is the sad autumn wind painting fan

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     :razz: Brother, sometimes the wire brush can't solve the problem. My Xiaomi 5sp, after starting up for a few seconds, got stuck and crashed. At first, I thought that the ROM was faulty. The wire brush still failed. I have never seen such a fault!

    August 22, 2018