Xposed records of the installation and use of Meilan Note6

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An unexpected situation occurred. After installing xposed, the ROOT was lost~

Original text:
The operation steps are as follows:
Install Xposed Marketplace and grant root permission
After installing the framework successfully, uninstall the software directly
Then restart the phone and install Xposed
Test model:
M6 Note Flyme6.1.4.7A
Software used:
Xposed Market

There has always been a strange problem in the use of Meilan note6
For example, after granting root permission to the RE file manager
You are still prompted that you do not have root permission
The same is true for other software. The root permission can not be detected completely, and the root permission has not been requested in the pop-up window
Even if you manually give root permission in the authorization management interface, it will not help
It was even suspected that the root was fake
After repeated tests, the above problems are generally repeated in the following scenarios
The mobile phone after root is not cleared and has been upgraded;
After root, the mobile phone is installed with software such as kingroot, and the mobile phone is upgraded without clearing the data
At this point, even if the root permission is enabled in the settings, there may still be problems in authorization management.
The solution is simple. Re brush the machine+double cleaning
Solve problems smoothly,
Root can be used normally again.


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  • Kevin

    If you install Xposed under the full ROOT, no error will occur.

    June 4, 2018
    • Gcod

      @Kevin That's true~

      June 4, 2018